NAP 152XS Upgrade

Hello, i have a NAP 152XS+NAP 155XS+ ND5XS Combo and would like to upgrade my system.
What would you suggest:

  1. Supernait
  2. NAC 202+ NAP 155XS
  3. NAC 202+ NAP 200 DR

Thanks for your advise

Might be also worth considering a ND5XS2 and a Flatcap for the 152 too.

Welcome Juergen.

I acknowledge I have not compared your options, nor heard the one I am about to suggest.

When Naim introduced the NAC152XS one of the two power amps they suggested for it was the NAP200. This subsequently became the NAP200DR with the advent of DR tech, which is Naim’s latest amplifier innovation. I would replace the NAP155XS with a NAP200DR as the easiest way of getting the vital DR tech into your preamp.

I feel sure others will give you their opinions and experience too.



Assuming the streamer is you primary source, I would go NDX2, a Flatcap 2x/xs, and a Hi-line, for now, with an aim towards a possible NDX2, NAC202, NAP200DR in future, if you wish to go that far.

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Thanks for you kind advice.
I think my first step will be nac202.

and i suppose the nac 202/nap 200 is superior to a supernait.

I reckon so, yes.

I’m running 152XS with a NAP200. The 152XS has a FlatCap powering using both rails. I’m happy with the sound.

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I went from an XS separates to a 272/250dr and it was a big improvement. Some good used prices for 272s

Ooof! You know how to hurt a bloke!

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No malice or pain intended (hopefully none taken). I was suggesting that depending on budget the sale of current components could fund a used 272 and either a 200 or 250 which would be a nice upgrade imo.

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Thanks for your kind advise guys!
As said my first step will be a nap 202.
I am not sure if the nap 200dr is a useful upgrade to the nap 155xs, because i only listen at low to medium levels of sound volume, so i think the 60 watts is plenty of power.
In contrary, i was wondering if i should upgrade the nd5xs. i bought a 2013 model and the display went out 2 years ago; as i use only the naim app, there was no haste to repair the display (crazy prices to pay for this service).

i meant the nac 202

Make sure you factor in the cost of an NAPSC too if you go the 202 route. I’d seriously consider the ND5XS2 first though.

I would aim higher and opt for a used 282 and this will come with NAPSC2, cost approx the same as a new 202.

The 282 will work well with the 155xs until funds recover but before changing the 155xs power amp look at source maybe the NDX2.

All depends on how much cash is burning in the wallet :grin:

Hi guys,
i just wanted to give you feedback: i have bought a used nac202/nap 200 and it was a massive upgrade. More detail and a lot More low bass…
Should i make a recapping for the 12 year old nap 200 and how much is it?
Upgrade from nd 5 xs > xs 2 or a used ndx?

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Juergen, at 12 years old, if it has never had a service then you should perhaps think to get that done next. As to how much, it depends where you are; assuming not in the UK, it’s best to contact your local Naim dealer, or area distributor and ask for details.

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An NDX would be a nice match for your 202/200 if you are happy with the range of services it supports, which is the same as your ND5.
The ND5XS2 would still be a nice upgrade on your old ND5XS, but I think not quite as good as an NDX. BUT you get access to Qobuz 24 bit files and some lossless iRadio stations, so if you are interested in these sources a streamer that runs the current tech would be a good move. (You also get some convenience features such as Airplay, Chromecast and Roon support.)

thanks for your answer Chris