NAP 155xs

I am currently using a Nait XS with a FlatCap XS power supply. I love it.

I have seen a second hand NAP 155 XS power amp for sale and i was wondering if you can you connect the NAP 155xs to the Nait XS and whether this would this offer any upgrade on my current set up?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Rich, yes you can do this. As you already have a Flatcap 2xs, you just remove the SNAIC4 connection to the NAIT and connect the SNAIC4 between Flatcap and NAP155xs.

What is (are) your source(s)?

Have a ND5 XS2 streamer, and feeding into ART Emotion Monitor speakers.

OK thanks. If you do go for the amp then a next step might also be to move to a pre-amp such as the NAC152xs or a NAC202.

As an owner of the 152/155/FC XS trio, I can only agree with RD.


In which case, if and when the time comes, a NAC152XS like mine could be ideal because because you would be able to supply it with both outputs of your FCXS, making a very nice set.

The 150X is a power amplifier.

When you had the 152 XS, did you try it with a Flatcap on both upgrades?

Thanks for all the comments.

Sounds like the nap150xs is a good power amp, but would it offer a significant upgrade when connected to the Nait Xs with FCxs?

I did it the other way going from NAIT XS and FCXS first to NAC152XS, FCXS and NAIT XS as a Nap. Then bought a NAP155XS and sold the Nait. Absolutely no regrets. More slam, it’s more detailed, more open. Naim make pre-power amps for a reason :slight_smile:

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Since the 152/155 combo has been discontinued, some retailers have very attractive prices on a brand new pair.
I replaced my 12 year old Macintosh MA6300 with the 152/155 combo.
The Naims are much “faster” and has more of a consistent pace and rhythm. The Mac on the other hand is more lush and grand. The Mac was great, had it for over a decade, but I am excited about the change.

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What happened next?

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