NAP 172XS Spotify volume issue

Dear friends
I have the NAP 172XS and sound quality wise I am extremely content, however I have one issue that probably will have the Naim to leave my house.
Today I listened using Spotify connect at quite low volume. I stopped playback, left my kids at home and got in my car on the driveway. What happend was that when my car connected to Spotify, the Maim freaked out and started playback on MAX VOLUME in the house. Without me being there…
Well as the pre is connected to a Linn 2250 the effect was obvious, two kids running screaming from the house…

My questions is why this happened and if there are anything that can be done to make sure that this does not happen again…

Hi @DaMan,
I had a 172 too and found if you select another input when you have finished with Spotify, this will not happen.

It’s a long standing aberration of Spotify Connect that once a user has used it, Spotify is able to connect to it when the user is no longer on the same network as the streamer, and the app will control it with no warning to the user that they may not want to do this.
Others have complained that their system has started playing unfamiliar music in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, when someone who has previously connected is trying to play music at a late night party somewhere else.

I have had that issue too, the system started playing after I connected to spotify in my workshop…

It sound like there are no real solution to this, so the 172 have to go. I wonder if the newer linux based streamers have the same issue?

This is a Spotify issue, not a Naim one … when my kids are away, they are still able to connect to my mu-so Qb and control the volume which can be a surprise

This is a known issue with Spotify, it’s been like that for years and there’s no sign that they have any intention of fixing it. If you replace your 172 with a different streamer, Naim or not, it can still happen again. Try using Tidal instead of Spotify.

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