Nap 200 moving up to a Nap 250?

Hi forum

I am thinking of upgrading to a NAP 250 possibly a DR model, in place of my Nap 200.
The speakers are SBL’s.

I am using a 82 preamplifier, and hope a 250 would make a noticeable improvement.
Is this a logical step up, or would the money be better placed on improving my source, being a CD5 with a flatcap 2?.



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How much money have you got to spend?


I would be looking at a preloved Nap 250 , so would hope to spend a upper limit of up to £3000 if possible. I would sell the Nap 200 to help fund the purchase.

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Forget selling the 200. The advise might be to keep that. How much cash do you have to spend?

I have about £2000 to fund a upgrade currently.

Do you feel your cd source is lacking? If so upgrade that first. On the other hand a 250-2 can be had for 1500 pounds and makes for an excellent sound with the 82. The 250DR is going to be more around the 2500 pounds mark. Is it going to be so much better that the 250-2?

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I’d start with moving to a nac 282. £2000 will get you one. And the 200 will power it, so not ( immediate) need for HC. Once you have sold the 82, that should fund a HC ( assuming you don’t have one at the moment).
If you would rather improve the source then you’d be after a cdx2. Unless you are thinking of a streamer?

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My advise on the 282 sort of assumes a gradual upgrade of other bits as time and finances allow. Especially if you have eyes on a nd5xs2 in the future.

What is in this case the big difference between NAC 202 AND NAC282?

Source first IMHO. Then a Hicap when budget allows.

I would keep the Nac 82 and get the 250 and a hicap. I would go for Olive or CB and get them serviced. Been there and done that and know just how good it sounds. Sell the 200 obviously. You need a hicap to power the 250.

Then look at your source if you’re not happy with it. A CDS2 with XPS would sound fantastic with an 82, 250 and hicap.

If you want to go down the route of black boxes then get the 250DR or 250.2 and a black hicap DR. You are looking at £4000 used to get a 250DR and Hicap DR.

Also look at whether you want a streamer. An ND5XS2 would be a good start.

Before offering any advice I’d want to know what the OP is planning - a progressive upgrade scheme, maybe with a shift to streaming, or a nice upgrade with existing funds but little aspiration to keep spending.
If the former - and sticking with CD - a CDS2 or CDX2 would be a nice upgrade and leave enough cash for a Hicap (with service if needed) on the 82 so that the 200 isn’t having to do 2 jobs. Then trading the 200 for a 250 can follow.
82 to 282 is a cash-burning sideways step btw :wink:

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No need to upgrade" to 282, just get the 82 serviced.
You need a psu hicap or similar if going 250 as this contain no power supply for preamp.
Notice there are at least 5 editions of Nap 250.

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Price and hierarchy
Performance in 282 (& 82) is much more revealing

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,I forgot to add, I currently use a non DR Hicap 2 with the 82.

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If staying with CD I’d still look at a source upgrade before amplifier.

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If you’ve got the hicap 2 then that’s a start. What’s your intention with your end game system or are we looking at stepping stones just to improve things?

For instance, you might want to skip the 282 and go for the 252 later down the line. The 82 to 282 is a sideways move.

A better source and a 250 of any kind provided it has been serviced within the last 8 years will be an improvement on the 200.

The other thing to consider is a Supercap especially if you are looking at a 252 or 52 later down the line.

An end game system might be 252, Supercap DR, 250DR with a good source such as NDX2 with XPSDR or 555PS.

Might be an idea to work out where you want to be and then take incremental steps in getting there.

I have an 82, Supercap 2 with 2 x 135s CB. My sources are CDS3 with XPS2, NDS with 555PS and mid range LP12.

I am looking at 552DR and 500DR and better speakers as my next steps in a few years time, funds permitting of course. It may never occur. I would also consider a 52 or 252 and leaving it there.

Thanks Dan for your reply

I am not looking to improve on the 82,
Probably a service to get the best from it. I have considered streaming, but feel that a good CD player, gives more musicality, than any entry level streamer. I am in no rush to improve, as I enjoy the hi fi journey as much as what the final destination ,might be.



Before people are using your money, we might need to know speakers in setup ?
Maybe your room is large ?
Otherwise a 250 may not become obvious first step to upgrade.

As for source upgrade, the CD5/FC is however really very good.
Apart from CD5XS/FCXS I’d suggest going direct to CDS level (CDS2 or 3 if serviceable ?) or Rega Isis/Saturn.

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I have had both the CDS2 and now the CDS3 with XPS2. Could be the option to go for. For either of these and sell the CD5 with Flatcap and changeover the 200 to a 250 CB or olive within your budget.

The CDS2 with XPS can be had for around the £1800 to £1900 mark. And a 250 for around £1000 either CB or olive. With the selling of the CD5, flatcap and 200 you’re looking at an extra £1500 for a big upgrade.

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