Nap 200/Nac 202. Speakers?

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New member with a fairly simple set up Nap 200/202 NAPSC Being fed by a Cd5 with a flatcap… At present I am running a set of Kef Q series speakers I think Q700’s from the last decade or so… Would a set of Intros or a set of Allea’s bring about more of an improvement?

That said the Intros are much closer to me and the Allea’s would have to be a purchase and ship sort of arrangement…

THANKS For the help!!!

The Allae (not Allea) is significantly better than the Intro and worth making the effort for. I’d be adding a Hicap DR to power the 202 as well.

+1 for the HICAP, DR if you can stretch that far.

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Darn Allae. Got that wrong. Ok so it is better to make the stretch up to a pair of these. Are the Intros just not really well liked?

In regards to the High Cap. What would I be replacing? The Napsc???

Thanks for the help

You would be running the 202 with both the NAPSC and HiCap. Each makes a very worthwhile difference.

Would it be best to source a high cap Dr? I have a flat cap 2 powering my cd at the moment.

The 202 deserves a HiCap. Even a non DR model makes a big difference. I had a FlatCap2 and it’s simply not in the same league as the HiCap.

The FC2 is not much better than the 200’s power supply for the 202, if at all.

The Kudos X3 sit very sweetly indeed on the end of a 200/202. Tend to be at their very best with acoustic jazz, folk etc imo.

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For the money SBL’s represent a bargain right now. I had a pair with a system very similar to yours. I had 202/HiCap DR/NAPSC/200/CD5X/FlatCapX. The sound was incredible.

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@striker27 CDX2, NAC202, NAP200 and Allaes was a Naim ‘suggested system’ in about 2006

By which I mean that it was a very decent system containing Allaes back then and, by this contributor at least, would still be considered so today.

I lost out on this set of Allaes So I am still on the hunt. Still have the Intros available to me but will also look for a pair of Kudos X3 for sale.


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Pretty much how I got hooked into Naim. Allaes wouldn’t work in my room though.

My recall was that the XPS2 was in the mix too.

That said, I’d look at a HCDR2 and NAPSC before I even contemplated a speaker upgrade.

@striker27 Any joy with a pair of Kudos X3 s?

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