Nap 200 nac 202

I frequently stream music, what would be the next step for me?

I suggest add a ND5 XS 2. That will give you the new streaming platform without you needing to change anything else.

Best way is the nd familly. It’s up to your budget which one you will chose.

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The NDX2 is the natural partner here as the fellow Classic range streamer. If streaming is to be your primary source, I’d go for the NDX2.

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I think it’s more complicated than that. The ND5 XS, NDX, NDS are all a bit limited for streaming. And the NDX2 and ND555 would be way overkill for a NAC202/NAP200.

The ND5 XS 2 is the right one. It’s the new platform, it’s very capable but won’t immediately lead to other upgrade ideas.


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I wouldn’t necessarily rule out an NDX2, but you would need to listen to it and decide if it’s worth the substantial extra cost over the ND5. Also it depends where you want to take your system in future. If you intend to upgrade further in future, the ND5 could be left behind.

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202/200 would work well with either streamer, used 202/200 for a number of years with my NDX,

Lots of musical ability, and upgrade path is your choice, I would suggest a NAPSC for 202 good value upgrade before looking at PSU in time

There are quite a few of us running NDX2’s with the SN2/3 and the SN is well good enough to show off the better streamer. I would have though a 200/202 would be equally capable of showing the benefits of an NDX2.

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I don’t see how a GBP 4k source is overkill for a 4k amp. At all.


Unfortunately it costs a bit more than £4k, but I agree.


I wouln’t invest all that money on an ndx2 prior intense listening.
As you re interested in streaming services would think of the latest nd5xs a safer bet, as previous one wasn’t,and still isn’t a mullet fronting your 202/200

I would have said the NDX2 with or without external PSU would have been very much at home with the 202/200 or the SN.

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Having auditioned an NDX2 with a 200/202/HC2DR and NAPSC I thought it was fabulous especially on ho-res downloads. XPS2 on the end of it and you won’t be needing to upgrade for a long time. Now I just need the money.


I started my high end audio journey with a lightly used NAP200 + NAC202 with NAPSC.

My next upgrade was adding a HiCap DR to the NAC202.

Recently I upgraded my streamer to the NDX 2 with XPS.

I use a HiLine interconnect.

I find the system fully integrated and balanced.

I have a PowerLine cable, but I prefer the stock power lead on the NAP200, the HiCap DR and the XPS.

I think I am at the end of my audio journey unless I want to upgrade to the NAC282.

I live in a very small space, and I only do low level listening. I am happy with the NAP200.

My speakers are Graham Audio LS5/9 BBC Monitors.


NDX 2. Easy!


I have owned a 202/200 combo with a HiCap on the 202. After extensive listening I bought the NDX2 and fully recommend this as a route to go down. The musicality of the NDX2 was way ahead of my old CDX2 (2003 vintage) and this ended up on the Bay.
Subsequently I added an XPS DR and a HiLine - both worthwhile improvements IMHO. With a front end like this you can then stick with what you have, or go further down the upgrade route as you think fit - funds permitting, as ever!


I’ve a 2002 CDX2 with XPS2. I’d say the sound is different to an NDX2 with or without an XPS2 but not necessarily more musical. There’s PRaT but less on the NDX2. The latter is timbrally far superior though. Overall it’s an improvement and one worth making but it’s not night and day by any means.

NDX2 is the way to go. No, it is not overkill for 202/200.

I am running NDX2/202/200DR/HCDR/NAPSC. Could not have been happier!


Thanks mikehughescq for your comments on the CDX2 with an XPS versus the NDX2. I know this is a little off the original topic of NAC202/NAP200 with a streamer, but prior to selling my CDX2 I did a comparison of CD’s burned and played on my laptop but going thru a Chord MoJo and into my NAC202/NAP200. Must say I preferred the overall sound of this combo to my CDX2. I know personal tastes come into discussions like this, but until I finally purchased my NDX2 I played most of my music thru the PC/Mojo and the CDX2 became more or less redundant. I can only assume the “better sound” of the PC/MoJo was because of the DACS i.e. 2003 vintage in the CDX2 versus 2018 vintage of the MoJo… Unfortunately the original CDX2’s didnt have a digital out so I was never able to do a true comparison of PC vesus CDX2 with the same DAC. What fun HiFi is!!

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My primary source is almost similar to your old setup except I’m using a Chord QBD76 instead of the Mojo. Prior to this setup I was using a Krell CD player and attempted a PC/Musical Fidelity M1 DAC. The latter didn’t sound satisfying at all so I stuck with the Krell CD player for several years until I managed to get my hands on a used Chord QBD76 DAC.

After getting the Chord QBD76 into the system, the Musical Fidelity M1 was sold and the Krell CD Player was relegated to the display rack (cold storage). There is just something very unique with the Chord DAC, or perhaps there is a certain synergy between Chord DAC and Naim amps.

The NDX2 must be very good if it sounds better than your PC/Mojo setup.