NAP 200 Recapping

Hi guys,
i have recently bought a 12 year old nap 200 for my nac 202. The amplifier is in a very good condition and sounds good, in my opinion.
Does the nap 200 need a recap or not? I would like to hear your comments on this controversial topic.


i meant nac 202.

Why not edit your first post to make your question clear? Which box are you asking about?

thanks for the hint

The answer is probably. Recapping at 10 years or so is a good idea.

I’d say any Naim thing you buy 2nd hand is always worth going for a service so that you have confidence that it will work like new for the next umpteen years

Any idea of a rough cost and who’s doing this in UK these days? Ta

For an authorised Naim service you have two options. Take it to your dealer, who will send it to Naim, or use Class A in Sheffield, who are the only other Naim authorised service centre in the UK, and who are generally a bit cheaper but still do a very good job.

Class A quoted just over £260 for a NAP 250 to give an estimate, but best to email Darran there

Another👍 For Darran at class A - did a wonderful & reasonably quick service on my 200
(reasonably: due to ‘covid’ delays) Highly recommended

Good to read the recommendations… I’m thinking of Class A for my 282 (2009) service and they seem to have a quicker turnaround.

Thanks for your advise folks.
Due to Brexit problems they are no longer acccepting Service requests from Outside uk, so Bad Luck for me!
I have to consider the Naim Service and they want 500 Euros for recapping, that‘s a heavy price…

Compare the price of a used amp plus service costs against the new price of the same item. When the amp comes back from service, it will be functionally equivalent to a new one and good for another 10 to 12 years.

The current post-Brexit problems with VAT and import duties between the UK and the EU will, I hope, be resolved by mid 2021, as some reports suggest. It might be worth waiting 5 or 6 months if a service by Class A plus shipping/VAT/import duties is so much cheaper than having the amp serviced in your country.

Hi Juergen,
That is indeed quite a lot.

If you can be patient, which is fine with a pre-amp, another alternative is to wait until about September and then ask Darran at Class A in Sheffield to service it then. With a little luck, DHL and the various customs services will have sorted themselves out by then.

This is what I would do. Darran provides an excellent and swift service.

Best regards, BF

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C’mon guys UK is not the only place to have an authorised Naim service performed!

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