NAP 200 Service - any experience?


I have a 15yo NAP 200 that works fine to my ears. Partnered with 282 + HiCap.

So, if i get it serviced, how likely is it to sound better given its age and reasonable use over the years?

In other words, to what extent is it probable that it is now performing significantly under par compared to new without me noticing?

Can anyone tell me from direct experience how their NAP 200 sounded before and after its service?


Mine was broken. Needed a repair but got a service in the process. Knew what it ought to sound like when it returned. Can’t eay the difference was staggering but it was fairly obvious.

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I have 2 nap200’s of about 12 yrs old. One is serviced, one is not. The difference is small to my ears. But, this depends of usage and a bit of luck I suppose.

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Rather than spend money on getting the 200 serviced or DR’d I’d sell it and buy a ‘pre-loved’ 250DR instead. Much better vfm…

That’s something I’m weighing up. I still have my 202 to sell and reckon they’d fetch more as a pair than individually.

Have you heard the difference between a 200 and a 250 DR?

Yes - with a 282/HC. The 250 gives a much more balanced sound - it resolves some of the harshness of the 200 and lowers the noise-floor. The music seems much more natural and flowing.

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The most obvious difference I’d say is that the 250DR has a much more meaty sound, with a lot more low end clout. The 200 has a lightness of touch that some find very appealing, and a few have said that it’s better to either stick with it, or jump all the way to a 300.
If you were to take a vote on it, though, I think most would say get the 250. Get a demo if you can.

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What I’d be looking for in a power amp upgrade is vastly more grip, speed and resolution.

Sometimes the 200 can seem slightly ‘muddy’ sounding through my Russell K 120s but that may just be the quality of the recording.

Does that mean that you ought really to be looking at a source upgrade first? Downstream upgrades are only going to show up any shortcomings even more.

I wouldn’t describe the 200 as muddy, maybe you need to look at your source/preamp/system setup?

Source is CDX2 + XPS2 so no complaints there.

The 200’s definitely the weak link so to speak…

OK, so a 250 should slot into your system nicely. I was just trying to think why you were getting a ‘muddy’ sound, as that’s not something I would associate with a 200.

I would sell the 200 and get a 250 DR

Just relatively ‘muddy’ as in wishing i could hear more ‘black’ between the instruments and more dynamic range.

Suspect it’s often the recordings as i listen to quite a lot of ‘wall of sound’ indie rock type stuff. Something like Electric Ladyland sounds outstanding.

Jez, I have a 200 (serviced) and it’s never muddy. Muddy suggests a service is due to me!


Tony - how did a service improve your 200?

Same source as me and the 200 is beautifully balanced within that context and has been for 11 years. It’s also not “muddy” so I think we’re talking service rather than upgrade.

282 + 200 is certainly no slouch I agree and it’s not a cheap upgrade to move to the 250.

If my 200 was as good as new again then I’d be more than happy. It doesn’t sound bad by any stretch and my use of the term “muddy” is strictly relative.

Always remember my dealer telling me that CDX2/XPS2 + 200/202/HC2/NAPSC was the best balanced Naim system of all the recommended options Naim ever produced and that while there was value in single box upgrades from that there was also a likelihood of ongoing dissatisfaction and upgraditos as you started to highlight weaknesses rather than strengths. 18 years down the line I think there’s a fundamental truth in that which holds steady. Get your 200 serviced and see how you feel then.

Having tested variations over the years I’d not swap the 200 for anything less than a 300 and my only planned upgrade is an NDX2 when my CDX2 dies.


I bet the leap from 200 to 300 is immense. For that money I’d be looking for absolute pace and control of my speakers with oodles of dynamics.

Darke Bear says hardness and dullness are signs that a Service is needed. Not sure if true down the range.


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