Nap 200 service

Hi all.
I’m about to get my Nap 200 serviced, my question is: send back to Naim (via dealer), or send to Class A, who are considerably cheaper, but do have a good reputation.
If it goes to Naim they service it & ‘give it a listen’ to make sure it sounds the way it should; same with Class A??
I want the best value (funds limited), but also want the best job done: your thoughts are much appreciated :blush:

Class A did mine and it all worked out good.

Darran at Class A does exactly the same job as the factory would do. The only difference is he is both faster and cheaper. Go for it with confidence.

I’ve had around ten ‘boxes’ serviced by Class A and I’m very happy with the service I’ve received. I wouldn’t have any reservations about trusting Darran with more work in the future. (And I’ve had him service a couple of NAP200s).

A bit of me worries that sooner or later he’s going to retire…

I can only echo this. I’ve never been unhappy with a service by Naim but if quick or cheaper are important to you then Class A.

My Nap200 was serviced by class A.I sent it from Bulgaria to Darran and came back serviced! Very happy with class A!

Darran did a great job on mine at Class A.

Thank you to all of you for you replies; most reassuring. I think I’ll go with Darren, can anyone give me a brief synopsis of how their 200 sounded after the service?
Again many thanks for taking time to reply, & I look forward to hearing any further replies :relieved:

Also had mine done at Class A.

Interestingly, it’s the recap/service plus some of the factory upgrades found in the NAP200 DR. Not sure exactly what these are though. Might be transistors??

On that basis, a serviced NAP 200 should come back better than the original spec.

Overall what really stood out after the service was the bottom end tightness and separation but it was generally better across the range.


It’s Darran.

Hi all
Just contacted Darran (spelt it right this time :grimacing::wink::blush:) - he’ll be sending me the labels to print out ready for collection on Monday :scream:
Looking forward to it’s return; gonna have to listen to my music via the Yamaha RX-V767🥴
I’ve a feeling the Muso my move into the lounge for a while :rofl:
Many thanks to you all for taking the time to reply & I’ll let you know the ‘results’ upon it’s return.
Stay safe & well

Hi all.
Got the 200 back yesterday; sounds quite ‘harsh’, but I realise ‘burning in’ over the coming days should settle it down. Darran was waiting for parts from Naim, so it took a bit longer, but so glad to have it back. The Muso (S1) was pretty good & ‘tied me over’, but looking forward to the 200 settling back in. Now: save up for a hicap dr and power supply for the NDX & that’ll be me ‘done & dusted’ (Mmmmmm???) :blush:

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