NAP 250 DR vs NAP 300

Has anybody had the opportunity to compare these 2 one after another? I have owned both in different systems and I was interested in somebody else’s impressions so I can draw a comparison for a purchase. Thanks

I demoed both DR versions at home when upgrading in 2017. Whilst the 300 sounded fantastic at the dealers, in my lounge it was overbearing, overblown and unbearable! Before you ask, we tried every solution possible, but nothing worked. My dealer consulted Naim and ProAc, to be told this was a problem encountered with some regularity when pairing with K6. A change to the 250DR worked like magic, saving me money and space!

All other things being equal I would guess the 300 is the one to go for, but be sure to play both in your chosen location before committing.

Interesting to learn that your setup suited the 250 DR. With regards to the comparison I presume you mean the 300DR. I was referring to the original 300

I was using a NDX/XPS dr-252-Supercap dr-250dr with Spendor D7 speakers and S/L cables changing to a 300dr was a massive uplift all round so much more grip and control.

Low level listening is astonishingly good so in the right system and room I would say it is a no brainier.


Sorry, I missed that. I’ve never heard, or compared, the non DR versions.

I had my 252/250DR setup for about 4 months when a trade for a 300DR became available. We’re very happy with the 300. More full range at low listening volume and beautiful in every other attribute. Certainly could have enjoyed the 250 but more pleased with the 300. Zero downside other than it’s more money.

I’m also interested on how the 250DR compares with a 300 (non DR!).

Getting an older 300 might sometime be my stepping stone to ultimate owning 300DR, i.e. getting a non-DR version first and later on getting it recapped and DR’d.

I actually own and use both.
It’s all about a balanced set, rather than outright performance of an individual component.


Adam how would you describe the strengths of each?

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They are both very good power-amps. Used in a correct context capable of stunning results.

250DR - natural partner is a 282 pre-amp. But of course it will do justice to 252 or 552 too

300DR - natural partner is 252 pre-amp and up.

If anything 300DR seems to have a slightly better grip on speakers and amplifies the low frequencies better. Which is hardly surprising, as low bass does require more power.
It also seems be a bit clearer in it’s presentation.

Are there any forum members here running 250 + 552?

Any 300(non DR) owners compared to a 250DR?

I had a 250 dr on the end of my Nova into PMC 25.26. An ex demo 300 dr came up, it was like the speakers doubled in size. It’s fast, delicate and powerful…I would have no hesitation with the 300 dr. That said if budget can only run to a 250 dr, it’s still a great amp.

A friend of mine sold his NAP300. When the buyer came with his 250DR for comparison he decided to buy the 300. My friend said that from what he heard he wouldn’t have bought the 300. SO it seems it is really matter of taste. On my side, I guess the 300 would be better for low volume listening.

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It is interesting that so many people mention the 300 being good for low volume listening. What makes it so? Is it just that higher power amps work better than low power amps at low volumes?

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Rob - I have no idea what makes the 300 good with low volume listening, but that was one of the things I noticed quite quickly when I got my first one

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Yes. Haven’t got round to filling out my “new” profile yet, but I use that combination with an LP12 at the front and ATC SCM7s at the back.

I’ve owned both first the 300 which I heard against the 300DR and bought the non DR because I didn’t feel the DR was worth the extra money. I then owned a 250DR for a short period last year and in my room with my speakers it was just too close to call both fantastic amps the 250DR was a bit more dynamic and modern sounding but the 300 was an easier listen, warmer and more analogue.

I found the 250DR (was on demo) to be a lively sound, probably more “fun” than my current 300DR which sounds a little more serious and subdued perhaps?

Based on my experience, if you buy an older non DR 300, be prepared to have it serviced, mine sounded ‘decidedly off’ on purchase and was considerably improved after service and DR upgrade. Although it’s still a cost effective way to get into a NAP 300DR IMO.

with regards to visceral impact. How would you compare the 250DR to the 300. Or the 300 DR. I find the 250DR has great resolution and flow and a slight warm tone. But lacks the visceral impact of the NAP 135s. Obviously this is to be expected from monoblocks compared to a stereo but I would have thought the classic series improved in every spect. Please keep in mind I haven’t heard beyond the 300.