NAP 250 DR without speaker while warming?

Hi there!
Quick question, can I plug a NAP 250 DR and put the power On without any speaker connected and no preamp? Or this could do some kind of damage? (The idea is to get it well warm in advance)
This little beast seems to be little on the sensitive side with all the reading I get. :wink:


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Why would you want to do that it will have to be connected before you use it anyway.? that will be cooling down time you donโ€™t connect it up switched on. :thinking:
Just use it as normal and itโ€™ll reach optimum in its own time or just leave switched on or do it earlier. :+1:t2:

There you go, you got me skeptic, Skeptikal. :wink:
Thanks for the answer.
(And no, I would not plug anything with power on)

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