Nap 250 for surrounds connection

Hi guys, I have a spare Nap 250 that I want to use to drive the surrounds from the pre-out of my AV amp and have a couple of querries:
1/ I assume I would need an XLR to 2 RCA lead for the pre-out connection signal?
2/ I have QED Silver Anniversary speaker leads about 6m in length to the rear speakers. Is that an issue with the 250?
Thanks alot for any input,

Assuming your AV processor/ preamp uses RCA phonos, yes you’ll need a 2 x RCA phono to Fully wired stereo single-ended XLR. Such leads usually need to be made to order.

Re. Speaker leads the old 250 is pretty fussy here. I’d stick to NACA5 or else something similar, 6m being just fine.

Thanks very much Richard.
Probably should have specified that it’s a 250DR, would that still need NACA5? Just asking because the 250 has just come back from a DR upgrade and full service, it will be a temporary solution in the AV system for a month or so until it burns in so don’t want to go round changing all my cables.
Whilst it was away for the upgrade I bought a 300DR on a great deal so was wanting a way to burn in the 250 for a while without taking the 300 out. Would then like to listen to the 250Dr in a month to see how different it sounds with the DR upgrade before selling it on.

I’d recommend NACA5, yes.

FWIW, I’ve personally never particularly liked QED silver speaker cable on Naim amps. A shame to spoil things just by sake of getting cables wrong.

Thanks Richard I’ll source some new cables.

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