NAP 250 or 250DR

hello to everyone , i have a question, I would like to take a nap 250, to be added to my SN2, as a first upgrade ( bi-amping or stand alone) , considering that I have the 804D3, which is better between 250.2 and 250 DR?


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NAP250DR every day of the week. Bass control is so very much better, with faster timing and no ill-defined, flabby bloom. This really matters with big B&W speakers.

Alternatively, try a pair of NAP135s, as these will absolutely give better control than either NAP250.

This is only one person’s opinion though.

Hope this helps, BF


thanks ,the 135’s are hard to find here in italy…and what I am looking for, as well as better speaker control, is also a bit warmer and more refined sound

I run 804S (so 2 generations before yours, and non-diamond tweeter) powered by a pair of 135s. I’ve said before here that when my dealer was listening to a home dem of the new ND streamers with me, he commented that he’d never heard 800 series so well controlled by any amp, and that it was the first time he’d enjoyed any 800 series… It will be hard to find a pair to test in your setup tho’.

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The 250DR would be the one to go for then, especially if 135s are difficult to find.

Enjoy! BF

I read that the 250.2 was softer and warmer and the DR more aggressive on the highs, or not?

I recently moved from an older 250.2 to a newer 250DR. It was a much more significant change than I had expected. The bass is tighter and faster, but the treble is far from overpowering. The DR is just a better balanced amplifier which avoids any potential boom in the speakers. Prior to changing, I had been convinced that the 250.2 was the one for me because I do not like overly bright systems, the DR is dynamic and insightful in a way that the 250.2 could not manage.


That was what I found, and I stuck with my 250.2 as a result. It’s something of a minority view, though.

Spot on :+1:

No :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed :+1:

I upgraded my 250-2 to DR (along with my previous owned HC2 to HCDR). Everything about it was better. Nothing about it was worse.

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How big of an upgrade is it adding a NAP250DR to a SN2? More headroom and power available or more of a side step meaning different yet better sound? I’m looking into this upgrade myself but I’m mainly after more power and control of difficult speakers than signature change.

It’s a much more accomplished power amp, as you would expect for the price. Don’t underestimate the ability of a good preamp to improve ares such as bass control, though. For me, adding a 250 to a Supernait would only be a stepping stone to 282/Hicap/250.

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yes, of course, my goal will be 282/250, my only doubt now is between 250 and 250DR, to better mitigate the mid / high of 804D3 …


I added a 250DR to my SN2 just over a year ago as I had the opportunity to buy a new one at a great price, and yes, it was a worthy upgrade in all ‘musical’ areas.


Did you get a clear change in power and headroom on higher levels meaning it feel less stressed and more relaxed or roughly the same on that matter?

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Sorry, I don’t use terms like ‘headroom’ which is why I said ‘musical’ ! Definitely more power, control and enjoyment of course. If you mean does it work better with more volume in reserve than the SN2 then yes, though I don’t often push it beyond 9 -10 o’clock range on the dial as for me there is no need to.


if you’re seeking a warmer sound, then the 250.2 is the way to go.

i haven’t compared the 250.2 (which i own) and the 250DR directly, but systems i’ve heard with the DR amp sounded quite clinical to me.

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If you like a lardy bottom end and a ponderous sound overall, the 250.2 is the amplifier to go for.

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