Nap 250 top panel allen key bolts

Hi, looking for replacement bolts for the top panel of the '250.
the problem i’m coming up against is the unique size. I’ve pinged naim directly but wondered about other angles / peoples / shops etc. Any ideas greatly recieved.

M5 x 8mm - black (ish)- 8mm diameter head - no branding.

@NeilS should know here.

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Assuming you are talking about the original 250 - they are M4 X 8mm.


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Thanks for the correction Gotta love the experts! It’s a bolt down 250.
Would still like to know where i can get em. I will be googling the sizes again btw, but love a recommendation…

A quick google search brings up Westfield Fasteners with what looks like the right thing. I’m sure further searches will bring up other options too.

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