NAP-250 vs NAP-200

I just replaced my NAP-200 for a NAP-250. I use the same NAC-152XS and Flatcap XS as preamplifier. Speakers are QLN Signature and Dynaudio Audience 52SE.
They have the same character, I do find the 250 a little bit more relaxed and with a more focused and sharp? image. Also more better defined bass the louder you play. After all; less difference than I hoped for to be honest… But what can you do when you have Naim there will always be upgrades? :wink:

You should have upgraded the pre-amp first. It’s not sounding as good as expected because it is exposing the weaknesses in the NAC152XS. The FC helps but not enough.

You can get better sound for less money with careful planning. :wink:


Agree on the pre. Even an 82 with the fc will give a big improvement and let you really hear what the 250 is bringing to the party. Obviously if you can run to the 282 that will be even more suited.


Yes, thank you. I know that pre amp is more important but also wanted to have more power and also got a good deal for used 250. I will keep nac-152 and nap-200 to see if I can get hold on/ trade against NAC-202. :+1:

I would shoot higher than a 202… IMHO…

I used to have a 102 into my 250.
Lets just say getting a 82 transformed the whole system - massively… :smile:

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yes, but 282 is too expensive for me. I think I also need napsc for the 202 so lots of investments…

The 202 is not a good match for the 250. It’s the 282 you should be looking for. Of course, you then need a Hicap rather than a Flatcap and you then have a source that is outclassed and you should look at an NDX2. Such are the perils of upgrading the system from the back end first.


thanks, I will see what I find. Do you also have experience with Chord Shawline cables replacing the naim standard xlr-din for 250? I have seen Chord shawline and cobra, which do you suggest?

None at all. I’d stick with the standard lead, which is perfectly fine. Get the black boxes sorted out first.


Yup, and yup, again…
Rethink required here, IMO.
Sorry… @Hifirydis

Can you tell us which exact 250 you have…?
There have been several variations, over the years… :thinking:

Its the 250-2, 2006 year model. More power than 200 and a good deal but of course Im looking for 202? preamplifier which says is a huge step from 152?

My biggest disappointment was moving from a 112/150 to a 202/200. I suspect the 202 was the weak link. I did try it on my 250-2 before it was sold with the 200.
I am running an olive fc and 82 in to a 250 at the moment in my study and it really is very good. Obviously in time a hicap would benefit it but meanwhile it is so much better than a 202 imo.

thanks, I have no experience with the older Naim models. not that common in Sweden I think?

I don’t know your sources and how you think about streaming. The NAC-N 272 is a great match with your 250 and can be found relatively cheap secondhand these days …

No need for a FlatCap or HiCap … you can only wait for people who say you can’t do without a XPS or 555 :wink:

As it’s a 2006, has it been recapped since? If not, you need that doing. If it were me I’d send it back and get a 282. A 282/200 will sound far better than a 202/250.

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Ah. I understand. Even here in France getting hold of Naim kit is not that easy. I think the 202/200 combination works but I don’t think the 202 is a good match outside of that. Just my personal experience.

@hungryhalibut is right the 250 requires a 282 which can work with a flat cap.

If you can’t stretch to the 282, the 82&hicap will bring you in a good place too. A bit over 1000 euros for not too shabby ones. Selling the existing pre and ps will cover a good part.

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That’s right, it can work with a Flatcap to get you going. A Hicap is a lot better and is the one that matches the 282 - setting aside the Supercap, which is even better.

so, presumably, even a 282/SN2 should sound better than a SN2/250, shouldn’t it?