NAP 250DR+ NAC 272 plus or not HI CAP DR

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Sorry if this has been asked before but looked and can’t find anything specific. So I have all three of the above will the Hi Cap DR work with the 250DR and if so is there any real point to it?.

Nothing complicated please I’m just a simple soul.



HiCap PSUs are for pre-amps and certain CD players not for power amps.
The XPS range and 500 PSUs can be used on the 272.


So with the 272 and 250DR options are XPS2, XPSDR, 555PS or 555PSDR.

The 555PSDR is going to be the best. An XPSDR is a very good alternative as it keeps it all DR.

How far behind is the 272 vs analog preamps ?
there has never been a replacement for 272 even new streamer platform in Nova/NDX2 etc.
I find new XPS psu are very expensive, do they really transform a 272 to say 282/HC level ?

I would buy a used XPSDR rather than a new one. If you get a 282 and HiCap then you will need a source such as NDX2. With the 272 you get that built in. Going separates, that is 282 HiCap 250 NDX2 will sound better but cost more still.

The 272 is very popular because of fewer boxes. The XPSDR and 555DR will transform your current system to another level.

If you’re on a budget an XPS2 will be a worthy upgrade.

Going all separates will sound better. Depends what you want, how much money you want to pay and what is your end game system.

Lots of good information…I have a budget as this is a system for the workshop and have a spare Hi Cap DR…but sounds like its going to remain a spare sadly. I will keep my eyes open for XPS power supply.


Hi Dan

Would the XPS bring an appreciable improvement even though its not DR.

It will definitely improve it. whether you think that improvement is worthwhile is hard to say.

Maybe find a dealer who has a used unit you can try?

I had a non DR XPS on my CDS3 and before that CDX2, definitely made a positive difference on the latter, darker more organic sound.

You can always exchange your HiCap DR for an XPS2, or sell it. XPS2 will improve the 272. XPSDR better still, 555PS DR better still. The better the power supply for 272 the better the sound.

Many Naim forum owners have gone for full 555PSDR and it improves the sound of source and preamp and transforms the system to another level. Plenty of threads on forum about this. And of course of you change later to a 282 HiCapDR NDX2 system then you have the necessary power supply to upgrade your source in future.

Please don’t forget that the 272 does sound also great with it’s built-in power supply :wink:


Thanks to all you Guy’s for the information I think I will just run the 250dr and the 272 until I get the ‘urge’ and then add a XPSDR when a bargain comes along and it should refresh things nicely.

I like to have a plan…
Thanks once again.
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Pandemic. More than enough hints have been dropped to be practically sure that the replacement will come, just not sure when

The 272/250DR are pretty great on their own but an XPSDR or 555PSDR really do make it all shine.

What preamp level is a 272 without XPS ?
152 ?
202 ?
lower ?

I’m happy with a Superuniti but amp section is (not surprisingly) clearly below 202/200/psu or SuperNait 2 level.

Rather difficult to make such a judgement unless you have conducted a careful demo using the same source.
My own experiments involved comparing separates fronted by an NDX with similar priced 272 based systems and put 272/250DR at a similar level to NDX/Supernait2, with a slight preference for the latter. Perhaps this demonstrates the benefits of a source first approach, with the superior source compensating for the inferior power amp.
The 272 has a lot incommon with the Superuniti but I’m sure you would find it a nice improvement if you want to keep to a simple 2 box system.

Naim didn’t officially make a statement on this, so the answer you get will depend on who you ask and on what system it’s being used in. The true believers (myself included) felt that Naim sprinkled a bit of magic dust on the 272 and it performed well above its pay grade. Mind you I always used mine with an XPSDR. But I wouldn’t buy one now unless it was at a super-bargain price and I only wanted to stream local files. The AtomHE has been very successful and there have been enough hints from the mothership that Naim are developing their line of pre-streamers. So personally I would wait a bit.


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