Nap 250dr nac 272 - power on all the time?

Relatively new owner here. Should we leave the amp and/or preamp 24/7 or turn them off if used on average 1-2 hours daily. Thanks.

Mine stays on 24/7 except when on holiday, or when extreme thunderstorms are forecast. This is the advice given to me by my dealer, and seems to be the consensus on this forum. I have to say that, on my return after 4 weeks away, the system definitely seems to sound much improved after a couple of days of uninterrupted power! Real or imaginary? Not sure, but costs little in terms of power.

Thanks for the advice. These components barely get warm after several hours of listening so I figured 24/7 would be okay. Nice to hear confirmation!

If you want the best out of them, yes don’t turn them off. :+1:t2:

I have the same setup as you I leave mine powered all the time (except if we’re expecting a thunderstorm).

It is a good thing to setup the display for auto turning off.
Mine is set on 30min. So it don’t wear that fast.
There are people with issues on the display.

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