Nap 250dr or a 300

Hi could anyone give me some advice plz ,would a nap 300 non Dr ,be better than a nap 250dr ,my hifi system is a Linn akurate DSM, nap 250dr ,ATC scm40 V2 ,thanks acetone.

As you have the DSM, what about throwing the Active version of the SCM40 into the mix to compare with the Naim power amp upgrade route ?

@Aceone - my plan a few years ago was to get a 250DR to follow the work of my 200 Non DR I had for 12 years

lot’s of demos with my dealers to try and get the order right so source first, improved my Lp12, went to 282 from 202, so the 250DR seemed - felt the natural progresstion

contacted my dealer - he had an ex demo 250DR for sale - at the same time as Non DR 300 - went down the route of 300 - for me it had more control and focus than the 250DR

I did build into the plan of getting the 300 fitted with DR - the non DR 300 elevated the whole system musically as you would expect - in DR whole new level

My two sources were NDX which I still have and LP12 which at that time was Akrute level

hope this helps

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I think a lot will depend on your room and speakers. A 300 might just be enough to upset the balance and push out levels of bass from those SCM40s that are badly controlled. Home demo essential.

I switched from a NAP250DR to a serviced 300 none DR a few months back, no regrets and they drive my SL2s with ease in fact the SL2s with 300s sound twice a big.

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Thanks for your replys .

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