NAP 300 DR Overkill w/Harbeth 30.2's?

I have the following system: Naim ND555/555PS, NAP 252 with SC, NAP 250 DR w/HiCap DR, Super Lumina and other top Naim cables, Harbeth 40th Anniversary 30.2’s.

I listen to analog music at moderate levels using Tidal as a source.

I have about 9’ between speakers and 9’ to the speakers. there is about 24" to the back wall and lots of space on either side of the speakers.

As I’ve said, I listen to analog recordings of music. Jazz, big band sound, show music, classical, pop music from the 40’s and 50’s and even some from the 30’s. I’m retired living in a small apartment.

I’m told the NAP 300 is very good at analog music at low listening levels. I’ve not thought about it because of the moderate size of my speakers. I won’t be changing them.

Is there more to the NAP 300 than the ability to do arc welding?

I’m guessing (from what I’ve read) that the 300 would be a large improvement. I’m also thinking (Have 30.1 282/250 system) that Your own system might be improved if the distance between the speakers were decreased by 1,2, or even3 feet. Often speakers need not be placed so far apart. Just a suggestion.


I used a 252/Supercapdr/250dr system for several years source at the time was NDX/XPSdr speakers Spendor D7s, S/L I/C and speaker cables.

I upgraded the 250dr to a 300dr and found the 300dr to be a truly astonishing upgrade so much more grip and control plus low level listening was in a different league altogether.

I assume that you system is on a good rack etc also I would agree with benjy that you might try to reposition your speakers slightly.

Hi Leatherneck,

As I am sure you know the only way to find out is to try it. I bought my 300DR from a well known dealer for an excellent price having listened to it at home for a week.

Yes, there is far more to the 300DR than POWER. As well as macro dynamics there is a world of micro dynamics, hearing how a musician is leaning into an instrument and applying technique.

Like you I listen to my music at lower sound pressure levels than ALL of my audio friends, the 300DR is superb at any sound level. I later tried a 250DR belonging to a chum in my system, as good as it is I am very happy with my purchase. This will be my last main system power amp.


I mis-spoke. My speakers are closer to 7 feet apart. They are separated by a big screen TV.

My dealer is in Chicago and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve never done a home demo.

Answer to your question: absolutely not.

I use 552/300 DR on my Super HL 5s and IMO that’s a match made in heaven, even if on paper $50K CDN of amplification sounds like overkill for an $8K CDN speaker.

In fact I’m sure a 500 or 500DR would make it even better, but that requires a divorce which is not in my plans at this point :slight_smile:


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I demoed the 300DR with 30.2 last year and like you I enjoy lower-level listening and it was a preferred combination. I compared with 135’s and 250DR.

I mis-spoke, the speakers are about 7 feet apart separated by a big screen TV. The rack is a Quadraspire SVT,

It appears that my system would be complete with a NAP 300 DR. The only concern will be finding room on my Quadraspire rack for another box.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback.

When i had the 300dr amp i found it much better at lower volume levels than my previous set up off 3 active 250 amp’s. Better bass weight and control and overall much more pleasant and of course it also sounded great at higher volume levels.
Great amp and probably the best in the naim range if you take everything into perspective

I use a SVT2 myself.

The grip and control of the bottom end even at low levels is what bigger power amps are about. Yes, they can go loud and they are harder to clip.
I have a brut of a power amp, not Naim, but from MF. Doubt I’ll ever change it out. Although I’ve never heard a Naim power amp, their power output always appears low…clearly I’m missing something here. I guess it is how you rate and measure the “power” and associated distortion.

Probably a typo, but how does a 250DR work with a HicapDR, as you have a 252/SC?

I’m replacing a NAC 282 with the 252. The 252 is due early next week. Supposedly, I got the last new one in North America.
If I get a NAP 300, it will be used with the 252.
The HiCap will be used to power a Headline.
A SuperCap clone will power the 252. It’s on the way from Israel.
My question was based on the environment in place if and when I got the 300 DR.

The 300 DR will handle 2 ohm loads continuously. The peak power is limited because Naim believes that single output transistors sound better than multiple devices in parallel.

Gotcha - thanks!


Ok, thanks. Does that mean that the rated power at 8 ohms is multiplied by 4 at 2 ohms ?
2 ohms is pretty demanding load for a power amp. We’ll continuously anyway.

I don’t know.

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