NAP 300 DR Overkill w/Harbeth 30.2's?

Yes, it is a different world on the other side of the pond. I suspect if you got it you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Look forward to your thoughts if you do.


Supported 1 MEF in Afghanistan in 2012. I was Army (MC was just developing organic PsyOp).

I traded my NAP 250 DR for a NAP 300 DR (trade-in) and swapped my stereo Super Lumina DIN/XLR for individual SL DIN/XLR’s.

Thanks to everyone for your help. My dealer thanks you too:-)



Claude P-
Saw a way for you to avoid a divorce, just don’t get the 500 but go right to a statement (on a well known audio sales site) their happens to be a statement amp/and pre-amp for sale - because of a perfect storm (financial, pandemic and oh yes- pending divorce) :grinning:

Leatherneck, good luck with the 300 DR sounds like you will have fantastic low level listening set up for your apartment!

One small suggestion I would make is you take a trial subscription out for Qobuz. I did in February and comparing head to head I thought that the HiRes services of Qobuz outperformed TIDAL. I was paying $19.99 per month for TIDAL and the Qobuz Studio Premier is only $14.99 per month. With the savings you will pay of the 300DR in no time at all!

Congratualations and Semper Fi…

I have a military discount with Tidal and pay only $11.99. I want to try Qobuz when the dust settles. I doubt there will be much difference since the music I generally listen to was recorded a long time ago.

TI have a military discount on Tidal ($11.99/mo.) You could get it too.
I’ll try Qubuz when the dust settles.

I have a military discount on Tidal ($11.99/mo.). You could get it too.
I have been planning on trying Qobuz but I need to wait until the dust settles.
I almost never find anything in Tidal’s Master library. Not my kind of music.

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I hope you are aware that the 300DR is two boxes. I too am considering the 30.2’s next, after hearing the P3esr’s late last year. I also live in an apartment building, so low level listening is important to me too.Good luck with your new gear, I will be watching this thread with great interest.

I’m going to have to stack the 300 DR on the 300PS. It would be better if they were on separate shelves or even on separate racks but stacking isn’t unusual.
The curious thing is my apartment building is so quiet you never hear anything from another apartment. I’ve tried cranking the volume up late at night and then asked my neighbors if they heard it. No one has.
I still play music at moderate levels. The only music I play that may get a bit loud is classical music with a lot of dynamic range.

I’m trying to put my system together. The new amp will be shipped to me Monday from Chicago and I should have it later in the week. The NAC 252 is being dropped shipped to me by the Naim importer. The SuperCap for the 252 has been expedited from Israel and I hope to have it within 2 weeks.



Sounds like a nice system. Just if you can make sure speakers are out past the tv. And try toeing them in towards listening position. Think of width as soundstage width, toe in as focus. Enjoy your new toys, and thank you for your service!

Thank you,
I do have the speakers towed in towards my sitting position. I’m not sure I can move the speakers any closer. However, going back to the front ported Harbeth’s has solved a lot of problems. Going to the 252/300 should improve things without having to increase the sound.
I’ll have plenty of opportunity to work on things since we’re in total lock down here (Independent Living Apartment).
I’ve got a stack of unread Civil War books, several USA Today crossword puzzle books, millions of tracks on Tidal to listen to and more food than I should be eating.
Like that TV series on the BBC. I’m just waiting for God.

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