NAP 300 DR stacked vs separate shelf ?

Hello, I’m itching to upgrade to a NAP 300 DR from my NAP 250 DR to give my Wilson Audio Sabrina’s some extra meat.

Is it OK to stack the two pc. NAP 300 DR one on top of another vs. putting the PS and Amp on separate shelves?

If you stack the two, which goes on the bottom?

I can also order another shelf for my black bamboo Quadrashire SVT shelf if you think it’s a good idea.

How much space should I leave above my amp, weather it’s stacked or not? 1"? 2"? 3"?


Dont stack, part off the reason for the 2 box design is so you can get the transformer away from the amp boards, plus the cables will be very compromised.
Side by side if you can, with the power supply not on the left


Ok, cool. I’m not able to put boxes side by side. Currently I have a NAC 272 on one shelf with XPS-DR on a shelf below, then my NAP 250 DR on a shelf below that.

In my case I’m planning on putting my 300 DR on the lowest two shelves, with the PS on the lowest shelf. Is this the best layout given my one rack solution?


One the left??? Brawn on the right I thought, a least that’s what I read in this forum several times, suspected reason being that the transformers are typically on the right side of the PSes, at least the smaller ones (not sure about the 300 PS). Now I am confused and I need to know :slight_smile:

I recently got my 300 and read most of the discussions here about it, I think. Richard said specifically that the 250 and the 300 are quite similar internally apart from the different layout, so my only explanation for why the 300 is so much better than the 250 (at least for me and many others, see the 250 vs 300 thread) is the separation. Hence I would never put them in the same rack. But of course if space is an issue, you might have to. If you “stack”, I do hope you mean at least separate levels :slight_smile: No idea about order in this case unfortunately, because I never would :slight_smile:

Agree, for some reason the word “not” has disappeared
Amendment done

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That’s how I’ll stack them when I get my 300DR. Fraim Lite with 300PS at the bottom followed by 300DR and 272 on top.

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Thank you. Deep breath :sweat_smile:

What I have, and it works best for the burndies so none touch the floor is, from the top, 272, 300, gap, 300PS, 555PS (your XPS).

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…like the gap!

this is my order on FRAIM

My 4 boxes are
so pretty much yours but with a different ps for the 272. That’s my stacking order, on the basis that a power supply should be distant from the streamer and the 555 is ‘bigger’ than the 300PS so is furthest away. The cables hang a bit better that way too, and where they do meet I found slices of foam pipe lagging is good at separating them.

When I was limited to a single stack due to a lack of space I found the following to give the best sound quality:


I often wondered whether an additional Fraim gap between the 300 & XPS2 would have made a worthwhile difference mindful of the 6 box tall Fraim rule but certainly separating brain from braun as best I could within the limitations of a 6 tall single Fraim stack seemed to make the best of the components involved.

Hi B,

I have mine in a standard rack. I have the brains at the top and the brawn at the bottom; as much distance as poss. Which also assists with keeping the burndies off the floor, a la @hungryhalibut.


I have the same system and pinched your stacking order from somewhere.

I have a Quadraspire evo rack and a gap between 300HU and XPS is worthwhile.

But it all looks daft. Like tenement brain and brawn.

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