NAP 300 DR with NAC 282

If I choose for oblivious reasons the combo as in the title in stead of the natural NAP 250 DR / NAC 282, will my Hi-Cap DR work in this combo or do I need a Supercap DR? Or is, if staying with the Hi-Cap R, the NAP 250 DR / NAP 282 a better option? The combo will feed B&W 805 D3’s.

With the 282/HC you can pick any power amp. The 300 is better than the 250 but source is important. It’s not clear from your post what this is: maybe the money is better spent there.

my sources are Classe Audio CDP 202 cd player and Auralic Vega G1 networkplayer with both Naim Hi-Line RCA to 5-DIN interconnects. Now a Supernait 3 do the job. Thus upgrade choice is NAC 282 Hi Cap DR with NAP 250 DR or NAP 300 DR. Any suggestion is welcome.

The traditional approach with Naim amps is to choose a power amp at the same level as the preamp, i.e. 202/200, 282/250, 252/300. If you go up the ladder, give priority to the preamp first. So 282/200, 252/250 or even 552/250, rather than 282/300.
I’m certainly not saying that these rules can’t ever be broken (that would be hypocritical :wink:) but certainly listen very carefully to some different options before you commit.


Regarding the first question. Your HCDR will power the 282 and you can plug this into a 300.

Looking at the best option, All the other posts so far are good advice, The 282 is flexible with power supplies so you can upgrade over time with…

1 x HCDR as now
2 x HCDR
Trade in both HCDR’s for a Supercap.
Or go straight from 1 x HCDR to a Supercap if funds allow.

As @ChrisSU says the matching units are 282/250 and 252/300 but there are many other threads where some prefer the presentation of a 282 over the 252 so it is not a matter of assuming the 252 is better than a 282.

This is one area where you really must demo both options, to see which is your personal favorite.

If you are hot on a 300 now it isn’t a bad move but I would definitely save and plan for a 282/Supercap or 252/Supercap (depending on your 252/282 preference) as this is going to get the best out of a 300. But also demo a 282/HCDR/300 with source and speakers in case it unbalances your system.

However there are a few of us who are not fans of the 252. In that case a 282/300 is a magical combination (I happily lived with it) and can allow one to move up to a 552/300 which can either be end game or a stepping stone to a full 500 system.

Of course SOURCE always comes first :wink:



Any source or power amp you would conceivably partner with a 252, you can partner with a 282. It’s that simple.

I’m afraid 282 may not be a good match with 300 DR. If I were you, I would spend more money on the pre-amp, maybe 252 before thinking about upgrading the 250 DR.

I had the following set up based around my 282/HCDR into B&W 805N which I still have an enjoy - my souces are LP12 & NDX

282/HCDR/300 Non DR

the 282 is a lovely pre amp which as you can see from above worked with all of the above, and was more than happy with the 300 both in DR and non DR on your 805’s my experience owning the slighly older 805’s is they do like control and drive, so I would (and still do) find the natural partner to be 300

IMO the best combo pre my move to 252 was of course 282/SC/300DR

I just love my 300DR and what it add’s to the system in control. focus, seperation and moreover musical presntation

Enjoy the journey & the music!

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What I find fascinating about the 282 and advice above is that you need a 252 to pair with the 300s.
I use a 272 with 555dr PSU and 300s, the 272 is designed to work with Naim amps up to and including the 300 as it has two outputs on the 272 also the Naim connectivity guide shows the 300 connected to a 272 but not for the 282 only up to the 250.

Yet most would say the 282 is a much better pre than the 272.


IMO these are the suggested systems NAIM use, this is no what says you can’t match anything with anything, but a balanced system like you have will bring the most music

the 282 is a very acompolised PRE and will add to the music in any PSU combo, I found 282/SC in my set up by far the best to be honest

I think the 300 could make the weather forecast sound superb, but I am biast to be honest

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I lived with Naim’s middle of the road pre-amp for awhile and found it quite pleasing. If I’m not mistaken, I once heard that the 252 was more revealing than the 282. Now its no need to start another 282 vs 252 thread, but within the context of that discussion the esteemed gentleman explained that if one’s system wasn’t properly set up, the 252 would reveal some unpleasantries to some discerning ears. Perhaps this can account for the love of Naim’s flexible middle of the road pre-amp.

But what surprises me is that Naim would allow someone to debut their reference CDP (CD555) within the mist of an ACTIVE system accompanied by their iconic DBLs all controlled by an NAC 282.

Who knows, Naim’s middle of da road pre-amp might just control a NAP 500 fronted with an CD555!

Would it out perform an NAC 552?

<S1, 552, 252, 282, 202>

Enjoy Your Music!

The Why!



Get the 300. Even if it is with the 282. I have this combination (with an NDX2) and it is amazing. I have tried it with a demo unit supercap, while waiting for stock for a hicap. Didn’t feel I gave up too much moving to hicap. The 300 is an amazing amp and you won’t regret it.


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