NAP 300 turned on then off?

Hello, happy holidays! I had my whole system turned on then noticed my amp was shut off but my NAC 272 w/XPS was turned on. So I went ahead and shut off my NAC 272/XPS.

Then I turned on my NAP 272 and the lights on both the amp and power supply light up for about 4 seconds then shut off (!)

Any clue on what might have gone wrong? I’m hoping it’s may be a blown fuse (a relatively easy fix I assume).

Has anyone else experienced this?


XPS is famous for blowing fuses. There should be a spare fuse in the fuse holder.

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Thank you. The XPS powers up just fine. My NAP 300 turns on then quickly off…

I’d say it is most likely to be the switch on the PS.
I have had one which was less positive in its latching in the past. I’d try, with the PS disconnected from the mains, giving it a few firmish presses to ensure it is engaging and disengaging properly. Then power up again. A pencil with an eraser end is a good improvised tool to assist in freeing it. Obviously don’t press it too hard.


As Steve says, it may be that the NAP300 isn’t latching. The power button needs to be pushed all the way in for it to latch.

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This cannot be a blown fuse as you say the amp lights up briefly when you try to turn it on. With a dead fuse, power is completely cut off.

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The power buttons on the classics feel fragile. If it’s the same as on my XPS? I hold my breath every time I very gently power on/off. Lots of examples of them failing from what I have read.

As Richard says, the button needs to be pushed right in, and if not pushed firmly enough it can fail to latch. So it’s best to use a firm (but not hard) push so that it works first time. It’s true that the XPS is particularly prone to blowing fuses, but gingerly pressing the button multiple times is only going to increase the chances.

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Xps prone to blowing fuses.seems worrying,I thought a fuse blowing was a major issue.

They don’t blow if they are left on… :astonished:

Seriously though, the XPS is often reported as having blown its fuse, on power up. A search on here should find you plenty of examples. There was also an explanation as to why this is - but might be on the previous Forum version…? As I recall, the ‘right’ fuse value required to pass safety tests, was not perhaps ideal. But a higher value would have resulted in a failure of the safety tests…?

@Richard.Dane may be able to help.

I can tell you that is doesn’t need a firm press to latch it. Just pressing far enough in until it clicks will do the trick. Gently. :blush:

I had this problem with my 300dr not latching and found the solution on this forum. Push the switch in as far as it will go in the off position and hold it there. Then slide your finger off it and let it spring right out. Mine’s been fine since I did this but no guarantees !

It’s the XPS2/XPS DR. A higher rated fuse wouldn’t pass safety regs. The fuse used does but it’s right on the edge of it’s envelope. To that end you need to use the exact same make and type as Naim specify and use and with such a big Tx the current inrush is so high that it sometimes blow at switch on. Worth getting some spares from your Naim dealer.

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Exactly. I have a stock of XPS(2) fuses for this reason - but have rarely need them, as mine stays ‘on’ (partly because of this issue).

Uh, that’s a little scary, Richard (?!)

Nothing to be scared of. By its nature it blows in order to keep you safe. Scarier would be a fuse that didn’t blow even when something catastrophic occurs…

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Well, thanks to everyones ideas I’m up and running again! I turn off my system so infrequently I forgot how to turn it on. Followed Steve & Chris’s suggestions :upside_down_face: Totally missed the latching mechanism (!) Have a great holiday!


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