Nap 300

The NAP 300 is described as DR but the PS is not. Does this make sense?

That’s right as the DR bits are in the head unit.

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So, one could use an old 300PS with a new 300DR head unit? Or in the event of a hypothetical DR upgrade would both units be updated?

For what it’s worth I was going to respond by saying that they are not sold separately but as a single unit.

That’s the point. The 300 is greater than the sum of its parts. I wouldn’t think of the PS being non DR. It’s just the DR components sit in a different box.

When I was quoted for DR upgrade of my 300 I was told only the PS box would need to go away,

Don’t you mean head unit

Yes sorry head unit.

Cant be much in the 300s ps box? Transformer, rectification and some caps, with the regulation in the head unit?

Maybe so, but it’s still a heavy MF.

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This gets more interesting; a 300 is for sale and is described as DR. The paperwork for the DR upgrade from 2018 from Naim all references the PS? I’ve emailed Naim support but I thought I’d also raise it here.

I would guess the PS was serviced (lots of caps) at the same time as the DR upgrade was possibly done to the head unit? Without seeing the paperwork it’s difficult to say for sure and one can only speculate.

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Hi Richard, I checked with Naim support and they confirmed that the unit has been correctly DR’d via the head unit and not the PS. It must be me mid-reading the documentation. They did find out that the serial numbers for head and PS are both stating that they are head units, which they will correct.


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