Nap 300dr just wow!

So just recently had the opportunity of buying a used 300dr. This replaced a 250.2 in my NDS/555dr, 282/SC into Proac D30r.
This change was eye-opening. Admittedly the power amp was the 250.2 and not the dr version. The presentation changed so much. There was much more air and transparency, the music just leapt further forward, less recessed and much more engrossing. Huge difference in the bass too, bass and kick drums much more prominent and controlled much easier to follow in the mix. Makes you wonder where all this stuff was hiding before.
Have to say I’m really chuffed and probably the best value upgrade I’ve ever made.
Just wanted to share this experience with you guys,


I had a similar reaction - blimey…what just happened?!

Great amp, the 300DR.


Your experience just adds to the statistics that more boxes (which translates to heavier weight to me) are almost always better in sound quality especially with Naim and Class A / AB amps in general.


I remember well the addition of my non DR 300. A very powerful yet elegant uplift. I must try a DR at some point

Enjoy rediscovering your library


I had the same experience moving from Olive 250 to 135s. Enjoy.


I went from 150 to 300DR. A very pleasant upgrade for sure. For me it wasn’t more slam in the bass that came along (was using smaller speakers at the times) but it was a much larger soundstage and scale to the performance. Detail was much better as well.

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I went from a 250DR to a non DR 300 and the difference was astounding, very much as described by Spudgun above. The upgrade from 300 to 300DR was significant ( a little bit more of everything that the 300 did so well) . Definitely a positive upgrade. Enjoy the music!

Great thing was that my wife totally agreed with me and told me what a great buy it was! Doesn’t happen often.


Happy wife, happy life :smile:


This seems like a case of “what you’ve never had you don’t miss”, started on the NAIM journey in 2008 with NAIT 5i italic now have 282/250DR

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as I have said on here before

to me the 300 and now 300DR is IMHO the best ££ for ££ musical AMP in the NAIM range, yes I more than except the 500 will deliver more, but then at it’s price point so it should

300DR is my end AMP - the musical drive, timing, rythem the AMP has is a musical joy, used mine with 282 both HC & SC and now with 252 - if I was going to find myself with 552 the 300DR would stay


250DR is my limit, cannot conceive going higher as with the power comes the pre ?

I upgraded my 300 to DR a couple years ago–be careful with this upgrade! It takes the amp a giant leap forward–but also revealed problems elsewhere in my system that I did not hear with the 300. It took me two years of speaker auditioning and checking of my preamp and SCaps to finally get to where I was happy with the sound again. This may not be common, but it was an expensive upgrade for me.


9 months on - still waiting for my 300dr - but in the show room at my dealers it blew my 200 dr away.
some upgrades though just reinvent other upgrades.
The 300DR will transform my 252/super cap Rega P10 with 200DR Sopra 2 - i am very confident

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Yes should be a lovely upgrade for you.

In future, i would greatly appreciate you keeping this type of positive information to yourself. As much as I am sincerely thrilled for your successful upgrade, I am already having a difficult enough go as it is, in restraining myself from making unaffaordable, rash purchases. Thank you.
Your 300dr addition is far too nice, especially fronted by a 252, which I feel is the perfect couple.
Kind regards,


lol, I’m with you! Hasn’t someone wrote some sort of Javascript to filter out items/threads out of our reach?

If (NaimItem > currentBankAccountBalance || couldCauseDivorce ) {


LOL … good one Marcus. Do they expect us to just, like, control ourselves?

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Maybe the question should be why is the 300 so much better and why are the lesser amps so underperforming?

I’m afraid you need to cater for exceptions :wink: