NAP 300DR on ProAc D30R does it work?


I am new here and have a Naim ND5 XS2, CD5, NAC112, NAP150 and ProAc D30R.

So I have the opportunity to upgrade to NDX2 (2018), NAC252 (2014), SuperCap DR (2014), NAP 300DR (2017) for 12950 Pounds.

Is that a good deal and does it work with my ProAcs?

Is there something to have attention for?

Thanky you!


Welcome to the forum Whiskymat.
Your proposed amplifier will be wonderful with Proac D30R speakers, especially if the D30R already work well in your room. You are likely to hear more and deeper bass with the proposed amp, so may have to fine tune the position of the speakers.

No comment re value for money though. due to forum rules.

Best regards, BF

yes it works.

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Welcome to the Forum. That price does not look unreasonable if it’s coming from a dealer with some sort of warranty, in original packing and in very good condition. My only concern is that with a 252/300 you really want at least an XPSDR on the NDX2. If the Supercap is not DR you’ll need to consider whether you want it done and the cost of doing so. You will need a very good support system and ideally dedicated mains. Maybe you have these already.

Like Nigel I would suggest that the bare NDX2 is possibly a little underpowered (pun intended!) for the amplification but the price suggested would seem very good value - you’d be hard-pressed to buy each of those items separately for anywhere near that - unless you would also be trading in your existing system in which case the value is less clear but still reasonable IMO.

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Yes it looks like it’s the OPs system plus the cash as it’s an " upgrade to"

I heard the ProAc D30Rs with the 252/300 but I believe they were using a ND555 at the time for that portion of the demo and they sounded sweet.

I have a XPSDR XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS. So I do know that the NDX 2 on its own sounds wonderful but adding the XPSDR power supply was a great upgrade.

I think you would be quite pleased with the upgrade you are looking at with the ProAc speakers. Do you have an opportunity for a home trial before purchase?

Good luck with your decision.

just adding my thoughts on this have 252/SC (non DR) 300DR - I use NDX bare (2014) with Titan Eleckra lead - I get plenty of music from my NDX, I only use NDX for UpNP and Iradio for me there is plenty of music from the old NDX so NDX2 even bare should offer plenty of musicality and then demo PSU when system in a sorted - but like @hungryhalibut mentioned I think a rack with 252/300 should be a given

enjoy the journey

Welcome @Whiskymat. It’ll work very well. If you do it that’ll be one hell of a system.

I owned D30R for quite a time. NAP300DR will work great.

Hi Whiskymat, I heard the NDX2 on the front of a Statement with Kanta 3’s and it sounded pretty good, so I’m sure that you’ll be very happy with your proposed system. Adding an XPS is very worthwhile though, and at that level, a Fraim or other decent rack is essential. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thank you for so much your answers ans recommedings.

Since this weekend I have my Naim chain complete and I am very happy with.

As you recommeded I aded also a powersupply (used 555 DR) and you are right it make it perfect.

There ist just a problem, the Naim App hangs very often.

It was also not possible to ad the NDX2 the normal way, I had to ad it manually by IP.

What I am doing wrong?

The firmware is 10 days old and there is no newer version available.

I deleted also the app and reinstalled the newest version 5.16.

May have enyone an idea or maybe a solution for?

Thank you,


Congratulations Whiskymat. So what do you think of the 300dr with the Proac’s? What size room are you using?

Thank you,

my room is arround 6m to 5m.

The ProAcs atand on the long side 4m between the speakers.

It sounds amazing in my ears, there is something special in the air and I cant describe it correctly with my poor english.

There is much more clearity and dynamic and I hear things and details Inever heared before in the music.

Greetings from the Swiss Mountains,


Would never go back…

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Try to restart your router, then wait, then restart the ndx2 ( and nas or server).
Wired Ethernet is more stable too. IPad works better than Android tablet. Both are more stable.

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