Nap 300dr

hello, I just bought the nap 300dr, reading on the various forums there are many evaluations where it is attested that the 300 is a little bit lower than the 250? true False? thank you

Volevo mi riferisco al basso è meno corposo

I would say false - but that is my ears in my room and comparing my olive 250 with the non dr 300 that replaced it. It was a huge improvement here

Of course some may compare different versions of the 250 and different versions of the 300 v what I have compared - so that could explain their different preferences, and we all like different things. But the general consensus is that the 300 is superior to the 250

I was very pleasantly surprised at the degree of uplift from 250DR to 300DR.



Well, if that were true, Naim must have screwed things up very badly indeed.

I’ve never heard a NAP300 or 300DR, but I imagine that both would be a considerable step up in quality from a 250 of whatever vintage.

The interesting comparison, to me, would be a 300 vs a pair of 135’s.

Two different takes, on a 2 box NAP solution, at pretty much the same power level… :slightly_smiling_face:

(Having an Olive system, with a 250, a pair of 135’s are on my list…)

Io parlo de basso, tra 250 e 300…

There are no burndies with 135s. And you may be a it closer to needing a DC-blocker on your mains than with a 300.

But in my opinion there is more music and fun from a serviced pair of 135’s (mine are olive). This include classical. I sold the 300. But I think it really depend on the context - the source you feed it with and your own preferences.


Have used an online translator to get “I speak of bass from 250 to 300”

Well - the improvement in quality of bass reproduction is in my experience considerable from 250 to 300

I moved from a 250 to a 300 then on to a 300DR. Each step was a big improvement but going 250 to 300 gave the biggest improvement by a large margin.

Hi Franco, I recently went from a 250.2 to a 300dr. The bass in the 300 is much better. Goes lower, tighter, is fuller (più corposo) and has more slam (potenza). Big difference in my opinion.

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hi, thanks that’s what i wanted to hear … great music

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