NAP 350 output configuration

Question that I can’t see answered on the Forum - and also not mentioned on the HIFI news reviews - what is the desired output configuration for the 350s ? Is Snaxo still in the frame for speakers such as SBL / DBL ?

The 350 would appear to be ideally suited to active multi-amping - and I believe Naim still do Snaxo. (But in my view high time they produced a digital axo that can be user tailored for xo frequencies, slopes and phase as well as channel level, enabling people to use with any speaker with removeabke XO for which these data are available.


They don’t.


Still listed on their website, not saying discontinued…

The Naim website is not known for its accuracy or for being up to date…


Don’t think so.

Dealers like @Cymbiosis were advertising the last available SNAXO units. Basically they bought all remaining stock from naim, I think.

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What do you mean by ‘desired output configuration’?


SNAXOs are discontinued just like Hi CapDR, SupercapDR, 282s, 250s etc. I mentioned the elephant in the room regarding incompatibility with the new power supply with original Classic Series months ago and the problems this could cause to original Classic Series owners. So trying to avoid moderation. ……Some retailers saw this coming and bought as much of the outgoing range as possible :wink:


I’m waiting for first person to tell us we’re wasting our time with Naim, because it doesn’t sound right until you have a NAP350 active six-pack.


Okay, I can say it: It doesn’t sound right until you have a NAP350 active six-pack… :sunglasses::wink:


And the six pack might still be outperformed by a passive Nap 500 :wink:

I am now wondering how many 350 monoblocks would be needed for an active home cinema system and how many Fraim stacks you would need.

But in order to do that, it also takes 6 boxes for NAP500

Not if it’s passive, which is what was suggested.

What a great idea…!!

Problem is that the development costs may not align with potential sales, sadly… :unamused:

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Depends on whether you go for 5.1, 7.2, etc…

Bear in mind that the new preamps only have one set of balanced pre outs. So if you want a multi amp configuration passive, you’ll need a custom two or even three way splitter cable. The old preamp power supplies had three discrete outputs.

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Passive multi-amping is of questionable value, unless of course someone simply has a spare amp or two whence there is nothing to lose trying. Conventional preamp outputs, especially balanced, opens the door to a range of active crossovers available from other manufacturers if Naim doesn’t produce a good replacement for Snaxo.

I very much doubt that as 3 x 250DR is on a similar level to a passive 500DR with Kudos speakers at least. A 350 six pack would cost a lot of money with SL or Chord Music cables and would need a ton of space to facilitate though. A mono version of the 500DR (in a single box maybe with trickle down experience gained from S1 and now 350) would be great but I’ve been told it’s years off.

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It depends on how bad the passive crossover is,but a Nap 500 is so much better than a Nap 250 DR.