Nap 500 and PS?

I have come across a 2013 500/PS and have no idea what to offer for it. There’s too few around for me to judge. Does anyone have an idea what you would pay for one in the UK?

I recently bought a 2014 (non DR) one for £7,900 which I thought was a good price

Thanks, useful to know. I was guessing I’d pay up to 8k.

In 2015 I paid 6750.00 for a NAP500 and power supply. It was a year 2000 model, had been in for service at some point.

I might try a cheeky low offer but before I do I guess I need to know whether it will be so much better than a 300DR?
Any thoughts anyone?

Yes, it is. I sold my 300 in order to get a 500. The 500 was very definitely better, in my view. More authority.

Well…it is bruss once DRed ( £4K from memory) :+1:t3: Can’t go wrong Peter

Do bear in mind that the cost of a full service and DR upgrade, longer available separately, is around 5300 Euros.

The 500 is of course a wonderful thing, but with a Squeezebox and a P3 as sources, as well as those Spendors which are not exactly good, I’d seriously question whether it’s the best use of funds. In fact it most definitely isn’t, and you are already over-amped considering the sources.

D9.2 and Rp8 on the way, plus Bluenode 2i and qutest already installed, but I hear what you say.

The comparison is going to be between 300DR and 500 non DR.

In that case I’d stick with the 300DR. ATB Peter

I’ve owned a 300DR and have heard the 500 on several occasions and would take the 300DR any day. But rather than either, if streaming is your main source, I’d be looking at an NDX2 at the very least, with 555PS or a very good - better than the Qutest - dac. The Node has no place in the system you are assembling. Just my view of course, but source first rarely lets one down. Similarly the Planar 8 (presumably that’s what you mean rather than the less good RP8) is a good deck but if it’s a significant source it’s the P10 you want in the context of a 252/300.

Thanks, yes the current planar 8 model.

One step at a time perhaps and stick with the 300DR for a while. It was just that a 500 has hove into view. I wasn’t looking for one

I would second HH’s warnings, having heard first hand just how well a Naim 500 series amp based system lets the listener hear every single limitation of Chord’s Qutest dac, even when fed by a top class server & streamer. It was cruel rather than enjoyable.

At the end of the day though, it is your money and your choice.

Your recently acquired 300DR is fabulous, arguably the strongest component in your whole system. Good decision to keep it.

Best, BF


If 8k available, I would go rather for Ndx2/ XPS dr or Innuos Zenith/ Chord tt.

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