NAP 500 DR finally arrived

Finally a brand new NAP 500 DR is settling in! First I was told it would be November, then January, however, now the new power amp is sitting in my Fraim for a good 24 hours, replacing my beloved NAP 300 DR.
After even only two hours it sounds good, and for its officially on demo, I really think it has to stay!
My 300 war recaped and dr-ed about a year ago - and with the addition of a new 552 and new speakers during last summer it nearly improved until Dezember, so I’m looking forward what will be coming from the NAP over the next weeks and months.
As I know a few Forum Members are awaiting to audition a NAP 500 - or are contemplating about going active, I say you have to hear one in your system, to see what’s all the myth is about…


Congratulations Jodl! Your system looks really good. How would you compare the 500DR to the 300DR? And where is the ND555? I couldn’t find it… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Chag -

Hi, jodl,

We did start a conversation on the old forum, at which point you were waiting for the NAP 500 to arrive.

Sounds as if it will definitely be staying, and is already a step up from your 300.

Do keep us informed, as you may recall that I will be having a 500 DR on home demo, come April.

Before then, I will have a set of ATC active speakers on demo for a few weeks, just to see which way to go.

The fun just never stops … trust you continue to be impressed by your new 500.

I heard active 300 vs the NAP 500 with kudos 707 or 808…to me the 500 was in control with a lovely sound. Still a 300 DR dr customer, but dreaming of a 500.

Sunday, have listened a lot…time to post some thoughts…
@Chag: for the moment just vinyl for me…
@dave-marshal: remember the thread…I´m interested in your thought ACT-active vs 500dr…
@Gazza and dave-marshal: active: I know (albeit quite well) only DBLs with 3 500dr amps, which sounds really impressive, very involving and very transparent. Active is a lot more fuss to get right and the sound is different. The 500 passive (I know its brand new) is authoritative but also relaxed in a very nice way…will keep you up to date,
Back to listening…

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I love the way that the NAP500DR seems to perform almost effortlessly and yet retains a sense of pure power :sunglasses:

Nice :sunglasses:

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