Nap 500 dr speakers

It seems ever since I purchased my first Naim system I’ve been on the quest for the perfect sound (unobtainable). Now I’m considering changing speakers. I have a pair of Focal Maestro Utopias. One of the speakers I am considering recommends an amp of at least 500 watts, the nap500 is 140 watts. Am I looking at this wrong?

What a nice system you have.
I’m not answering your question here but wanted to ask : how long have you had the Maestro for ? And anything in particular you are looking for pertaining to the speakers that the Maestros are not providing ?

I read from 40 W to 600 W.

This is a dream speaker ….what source do you have? not mention

Now understand Nd555

The rest of my system is a 552 and a 555. I am missing some bottom end especially in what I call old music, best example is Kashmir from Zeppelin. My dealer, who is always right, recommends subs. I contacted pmc directly and this was their reply about their speakers with the nap500dr amp,

“The MB2Se, MB2S/XBDSe and BB5Se are best driven with amps starting at about 500w. The IB2Se is best driven with a minimum of 300w.

The Fact or twenty5i series could be nice options“.

They do this for a living and I’m sure know their products. I’m a novice, and you know what they say, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

I’ve owned the speakers for nearly two years.

This is a little open ended…
OK, so your system is:
ND555, NAC552, NAP500 on Maestro Utopia, correct? And your issue is that you are missing some bottom end.
Changing speakers shouldn’t be your 1st choice. The Maestro is a world-class speaker- I’ve heard them many times. They do bass!
I think your dealer has made a good recommendation- try a sub. Or get him to your place to examine why you aren’t getting the bass you want.
It could be room geometry, room treatment, etc.
Changing the Maestro for a PMC or whatever else just to get bass is not a good use of your $ or time. If you want different sound, that is another matter.

Yes, you are looking at this wrong, the question should be :- what am I missing, where can I improve?

This is assuming you have your system sounding the best you can first.

PS I have NAP300 on Sopra 2, which supposedly goes down to 34 Hz, 28Hz at -6dB. I put a REL sub in my room coz I wanted extra support in that 18-35 Hz and BOY do I get it!!! :slight_smile:

This may be an unwelcome view/post but if your speakers are the same/akin to the Maestros tested by Stereophile back in 2010 (easy to find on 'net), you need a much more powerful current-delivering amp than a NAP500 (sadly).

Many years ago I demo’ed the forerunner of these at home and while a NAP500 will make music with them due to their high sensitivity, the secret to making them work (bass and all) appears to be in having a much more powerful amp.

Stereophile’s measurements of the speakers point to them really needing a high current pumping amp, as the impedance curve can fall away from the stated min 3ohm.

I can only suggest you check out this review and look at the measurements and conclusions, which are plainly written (assuming the model tested is akin to yours?).

Adding a sub isn’t the answer here…IMHO.

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which REL, do you use one or 2 subs? how do you connect them to your NAP?

HappyListener makes some good points. But a consultation from the dealer who made some $ or yen or whatever on the Focal and Naim sale is the best advice.

Analongmusic, are you clairvoyant? :wink:
Right now, I am using 1 x REL Stentor.
BUT I picked up a used REL Stadium for a silly low price and I want to try both of them at the same time.
So far I am using the REL classic installation of amplifier output to the high level input. I am considering getting a custom cable to go from my Supercap to a low-level input. Again, after a dealer consultation.

This is where my worry is.

I don’t understand why/whether a good dealer (who knows their stuff) would pair a NAP500 in this way. For starters the spend/cost balance is ‘off’, looking at the latest costs.

I suspect many/most of us have been a victim of such circumstances - but at this level (and noting the assumptions), it’s a tough thing to encounter.

Do we know the combo was recommended by a dealer? Maybe the OP has dealt with two dealers, one Focal and one Naim.
If it’s the latest Maestro Evo, it has new drivers and a new crossover that acts differently. The OP can also bi-amp - so 70K (USD) of amp to drive 70K of speakers.
Still a lot we don’t know.
thanks for bringing up that review by John Atkinson.

I have a 500, 552 and nDAC+555DR with Sopra 2 and have beautiful bass to listen to without subs. The cost of upgrading the 300DR to serviced 500 unDRed was £4.5m through a trusted dealer. It was worth every penny for more than just bass. Sopra 2 are wonderful.


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I’m keeping the speakers and adding a six pack of subs. Then if I’m not happy I’ll dump the whole thing and start all over. You have to realize every single person (except 1, my so called friend), rants and raves over my system. I’m just after perfection. It just so happens that one of my favorite songs, needs more bottom end, Kashmir. But it needs more bottom end on every single system I’ve ever heard it on. On my old Marantz, just turn up the bass and turn down the treble. Please try this, listen to Post Malone/Ozzy’s “Take what you Want”, then listen to Zeppelin’s Kashmir and see if you wouldn’t prefer a little more base. Just my opinion.

The bass is very poor on Physical Graffiti.
Just listen to their Live album „Celebration Day“ if you want more bass.

I was just thinking the same - Kashmir is ‘bass light’ in studio form, but really comes good on Celebration Day thanks to John-Paul Jones , and on Page/Plant’No Quarter’ supposedly unplugged album (without JPJ)