NAP 500 psu

Hi looking at the NAP500 it looks like it may be possible for the factory to be able to add another power supply to make the unit dual mono… I read some where that this had been tried and had partial success but had lead to earthing issues…which required further amplifier development. I think if it was possible this could be a fantastic factory upgrade…a sort of halfway house to the Statement…any thoughts.

Aren’t you at the stage with your front end to be looking at an S1 rather than a dual PS option for the 500 Richie…

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I should imagine that there are a number of reasons why the concept didn’t mature. I would have thought going active would have realised greater yield?

Yeah but that is not going to happen…not at around 70k…

Yeah you may have a point there … but adding just an extra psu would be more cost effective… I think the earthing issues meant further surgery internally which … meant that it was not a simple addition of an extra supply…

Lobotomy perhaps :wink:


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Going active is an option now but not a popular one - look at the Snaxo price rise due to lack of sales. I would imagine a pre and/or power amp sitting between the current 500 and Statement would be more popular, especially if it can still sit on a Fraim.

We tried this many years back at the factory with two 500PSUs (using only one of the supply feeds on each) on the one head unit. It was quite interesting giving the impression of a much bigger image. However, it also tended to separate and pull the music apart and lacked coherence, so while it was fun hifi, musically it didn’t really work so well. IIRC Roy reckoned it was possibly down to “parasitic effects” in the PSUs, whatever that means.


Thanks for reminding me Richard fascinating…seem to remember my brother mentioning this when working at Heybrook…they tried the P2 power amp with separate supplies…for each channel…that had the effect exactly as you stated… They then tried full mono separated amps…and it cured it… I think they concluded it was some sort of earthing effects…within the stereo chassis and circuitboard…but there was nothing obviously amiss…Tim Paravinci decided to drop the idea.

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