NAP 552 Burndy Orientation

Nothing to do with manual. I just can’t see the mark. My eyes are not so good these days.

Fair enough. Try using small torch (Maglite) which should highlight the collar underneath the braid.

Good plan Thankyou. Shame they don’t put the band outside the brading. Will feel for the bump.

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Hi @Mike1 , don’t want to hijack your thread but very interested in your first findings with your new 552. I have ine on order but 10 weeks leadtime so somewhere “august” :slight_smile:

Hi Iver, I was told 5 months back in Feb but it was ready for collection in 3 1/2 so you might get it early. I am sure you will love it.

I have now located the band below the brading. It’s so so faint. I am not sure if they are all so faint. M

I can now wire it up with confidence.

Think Naim need to consider not everyone has A1 eyesight. The outer bands on the smooth Burndy cables are so much clearer

See pic


It’s about not being to see the band not about what goes where!!

If it would be more visible I’m sure it would sound worse… :sunglasses: Why is it braided anyway.

Glad you are sorted! The blue band can certainly be hard to spot under the braiding, especially if you dont know how naim cables are, plus have poor eye sight.

Thanks Dunc. I have used Naim and Burndy before.
Think problem is my sight and perhaps low light as you say.

Glad you found it Mike. Your white band is certainly far less visible than mine as seen in the two photos. Enjoy your 552.

If you introduce a new Burndy into the company of the equipment, does it always get an orientation session?

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Slightly off post but…

Which end does the Burndy band for 300HU and 300PS go?

The band always goes to the music source end, so to the head unit in this case.

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Thanks Richard. They are actually ok so I must have read the manual for once.

Looked again in the fine light we have today. Still very faint. Well at least I know for the future that the braded Burndy cables need a good look to find the orientation marks.
Thanks for all your help.

My 300dr came with braided sheath I bought new.

Nothing to do with orientation. It’s about visibility and those with less sight

How is your 300DR and what did you have before

I had 250dr before 300dr the 250 is a superb amp but 300dr has a lot more power and will drive most speakers, I did have both amp at home on the same day so it was easy to hear the difference.

I am thinking of an upgrade to the 300. Not sure I want to go as far as the 500.
Did you actually hear a difference on the same speaker. ?