NAP 552 Burndy Orientation

I did for sure.

Yes I had focal sopra 2 and to be honest the 300dr has spades of current i personally wouldn’t go 500 but I would consider the 552 but I a happy with my 252 for now. The 300dr has a lot more grip on the bottom end. I did own the 250dr for a year than my dealer gave me a lone of 300dr for a week and I knew after the first ten minutes the 250 was leaving.


I also had pmc twenty 5 26 at home as well as focal sopra 2 at that time. 300 was better on both speakers.

What’s you thoughts for 552 did you own 252 or 282 before 552

I had a 202 and upgraded to a 282 running with 2 hi caps. I brought the 552 and imagined it would be a good upgrade. I was nervous about justifying the high price. However. It’s blown me away. It’s not run in yet but leaves the 282 a mile behind.

I guess it all depends on your ears but sometimes you hear about a cable or bit of kit making a difference and I try it and can’t hear it. For me not the case with the 552 it has changed my system.

It’s made me think the 300dr is worth considering

Can you try one from dealer ?

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Not sure but I know the 552 is a good match for 300.

I expect I will weaken. I certainly have the “upgrade” illness

No it is not hard it is impossible if you cannot see that tnot very visible marking. This could be made much clearer and tactile in a future revision. Of course it is worse on a nd555 since I suspect using the 2 burndys wrong may damage the player.

Spot on Claus. Naim need to give thought to this for the future. Not difficult to come up with a solution.

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Hello Claus. What I was meaning was that it’s very easy to look in the manual, which clearly shows that the band goes at the head unit end.

The fact that the band is hard to see, even for someone with good vision, is something else, and I agree that it would help if it was more obvious. The Super Lumina speaker cables are another case in point, where the writing that can be used to determine direction is ridiculously tiny.

Naim could, of course, say that these items should be installed by a dealer, but that doesn’t apply when items are bought used privately, or when they are sold new under social distancing. There is clearly a balance to be struck between obviousness and discreetness: perhaps it’s erring too much on the side of the latter.

Agreed. The entire post was about visibility of the band. Not which way around the cable goes. Whilst the title is Orientation the post refers to visibility.

With the cable I have even the dealer will struggle to see it. As I say it would be good if Naim made the band much clearer. Not hard.

Now here’s an idea. Use a connector at each end that will only fit in the correct socket?
Or colour code sockets/plugs.
Or something else that requires minimal buggering about.
Fitting a lot of stuff is obvious if your view is the same as the view in the manual. Personally that’s not my experience.
I tend to lean over the rack and plug in that way. The labeling is now upside down! OK, so I can work it out. But will I be able to in 10 years time, or even see it!
Yes, this will mean that naim will have to have a rethink on what it does " around the back".

I remain unclear why current and/or some Naim Burndy leads have a braided outer. This ‘visibility’ problem simply does not exist with the smooth black outer Burndy - like my s-XPS Burndy.

I am sorry, but I really do not think there is a problem here… :thinking:

It’s not recent, my 500 is from the first year or two of production and the Burndys have Braid. It’s not all amplifiers though as the supercap to superline doesn’t have braid. 552 and 300 do and I’ve never had a 252 or 52.

It will have a cost so there must be a reason it’s there and presumably not just to hid the band.

Bugger all braiding on the one for my xpsdr. Must add something positive to the sound. Naim, I thought, didn’t do anything unless it had a benefit to the sound.

I am going to upgrade my xps for 555ps and hopefully 552 I would like to hear what you think of your 300 with 552 when you make the move.

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Even see it is exactly the point. Does not take much to make it obvious.

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I don’t think it will be more than a few months and I will move forward and let you know for sure.


It is. The 300 is a great amp, and the 552 will make it boogie, while the fullpotential only unfolds with the 500 attached.

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