Nap 90/30 for Centre speaker

Hi new poster so be kind.
I’ve got back into home cinema so I bought my self a cheap AVR for room correction and volume control. I pass the LR speakers out of the avr then through my NAC 202 into a NAP 200. I’ve got a NAP 90/3 not doing anything so thought that could do either rear or centre. what is the best way to use a 90/3 to power the centre? do I just use either the left or right channel or can I use both channels?

You can use it with just a single channel with no problems. If your centre speaker can be bi-wired then you can remove the links on the speaker terminal plate and power each section separately, using both channels of the amp, effectively bi-amping it. You’ll need a custom interconnect to connect the L&R inputs to the single centre channel output on the AVR. I used to use a couple of 90.3s for centre and rear channels and that’s how I configured the centre.

Thanks for that. If it’s not possible to bi-wire the centre could I still use the left and right outs to power it with a custom cable or should i just stick to using the single channel.

You’ll only need one channel in that case. What centre speaker are you using ?

Not got one yet, has to be a small one though to fit under the TV, looking at something like kef 3001 or b&W m1.
my l/r are B&W cm6 s2.
It seems a shame to lose a channel on the 90/30. I could leave the centre for the minute and use it to power some rear speakers. As I said I’ve been mainly music listening but thought a cheap AVR using the 202 bypass was worth a try.

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