NAP100 Proposal

Hi there, I am out of my depth here I am afraid. I would like to know if I can use my two Naim Nap 100 amps with split cables I have made so that one amp powers the left and the other the right channel. Thanks, I appreciate this may be ridiculous to most of you but I am just a po boy of 64 with a love of music.

Instead use one amp as left channel, the other amp as right channel, connect speaker cable singlewire, and preamp with RCA’s

If you want to use them as monoblocks, are you intending to drive the tweeter with the left channel and the woofer with the right channel of each nap? (Or vice versa).
It would possibly make more sense to horizontally biamp your speakers. i.e. use one nap100 for the tweeters, the other for the woofers.
This is assuming of course that your speakers have 2 sets of terminals at the back.
And that your split cable is configured to deliver the same preamp signal into 2 separate stereo amplifiers.

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thanks that is what I intended, the RCA interconnects from the pre amp are split one male to two males and each interconnect is connected to each amp so the amps are taking a channel each. I tried it and it sounded great but resulted in overheating.

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