NAP120, why backwards?

I use a BD NAP160, however one thing that has always puzzled me is it’s contemporary NAP120 - why is the serial number decal always on the front of the amp and the “Naim Audio” decal on the rear in-between the extrusions. It is almost like it is supposed to be used with all the cables and sockets on show. I know it was originally part of a cancelled active speaker project but it just seems odd to me that the decals are backwards.

I could be wrong, but the amps were used professionally I believe and so the speaker terminals would have been facing the front so it was easier to change speakers etc.

It is only recently that the ‘rear’ speaker terminals have actually swapped to be the correct way round.

Well that’s my take on it anyway (waiting for @Richard.Dane to correct me).

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I think it was probably a bit of a lash up as a way to make safe and sell the amps, and form just followed function until it was given a redesign.

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Naim amps were originally used in broadcast/professional aplications and thus viewed from behind.

Thats why the speaker connections appear the wrong way around.

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…until, after 40 years of almost exclusively domestic HiFi sales, they start putting them the right way round. I always thought it was a bit odd.


Funny, with three decades of using (mostly) Naim amplication, everything else is odd

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