NAP160 vs 250

I had a thread called “NAP250 or Not?” but it auto closed after 60 days.

Basically, to round it off, I sold the Class A serviced CB250 in the end. It did all the HiFi stuff quite a lot better than the 110 or 160 and it was great at controlling Briks but I always felt one step further removed from the music for some strange reason. Even so, I had a very enjoyable couple of months with the 32.5/SNAPS/250 combo and my taste is probably in the minority anyway.

The Naim serviced (2003) bolt down 160 has been filling in but it cannot quite drive Briks 100%. However, the Class A serviced CB160 is here now and sounds awesome. Timing is totally on the button and it has the necessary control. Powering a 32.5 and it sounds bloody great to me :smiley: and this is with about 2 hours warm-up/run-in on the clock. Long live the 160 and its decendants!

Regatta De Blanc playing now and the boys are “on it” !


When and if I ever move on from my 110, a CB 160 is first on my list. Keeping an eye out for a good one.


I suspect the CB version would suit you better as it sounds more like the 110 - cleaner, tighter, etc. The downside for me is some of that ‘too fast’ Naim sound but then I think the 110 has that anyway.

The bolt down is more laid back, muddier, with quite a lot less bottom end, but it offers a lovely mellow midrange so is great with vocals and accoustic guitar.

Yeah, that ‘too fast’ sound at first was a bit disconcerting, but now, years later, not sure if I could live without it. Gives the sound a very ‘live’ and dynamic presentation. One other option would be mono 110’s, but I know that’s not to be talked about here on this forum.

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