NAP200 as just a PSU?

That’s because they are only decent speakers currently being built. You’re a nobody without them.

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Speaker fashion :joy:

I thought we’d moved on to Vivid now.


Just managed to find myself a Hicap 2 for under £500 :+1:. I realise it’s not a DR but it should be good for now. I can always service and upgrade it to a DR in the future.
Can’t wait to see if I notice a difference in my system?


Good news Richard. It should come with a SNAIC5 so you’re all ready to go with connecting it all up.

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I think @anon4489532 overstates things by saying your system is seriously unbalanced, sure a 250 Is going to improve things but the 606s are not so demanding, I’ve heard even the 808s with a 200 and it was very good if not so refined. That said I suspect the 505 and 606s are probably just about optimised with a 300 so having secured the HC you might consider skipping the 250 but with the 300 you will need an extra shelf. And then there’s the issue of an external PSU for the NDX. We’re very good at spending other peoples money around here!

Enjoy the music.




You say I overstate things but then go on to recommend exactly what I recommended earlier. Just thought I’d point that out.

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True enough but I don’t think it’s as unbalanced as you do! It’s all good!

It would probably score 5/10 on the mulletometer. We’ve seen far worse.

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If it does not, there are 5 pin SNAIC’s around on a ‘well known auction site’…
Black is preferred, over Grey… :snake:


I see the Kudos 606 are 84 db in 8 ohms. It doesn’t look to be a very easy to drive speaker. In my limited understanding of that.

8 ohms impedance is an easy drive for the amplifier. It’s quite low on sensitivity though but most Naim amps would have enough power generated normal volume levels.


Indeed they do. Even the little Nait 1 works surprisingly well :grinning:


That was one of the Naim amps I expected to struggle a little, along with the Nait 2 that I used with Royd Edens. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s horribly expensive, almost certainly better to replace it.

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@richardjpaterson I used a 200 Non DR for 12 or so years going into 202 and then 282 before moving up the lader - 606 are lovely and as @LindsayM mentions Kudos Titans are easy to drive

200 is a very nice AMP if I was in your position I would look at 250DR and SH HCDR for the 282 first and then PSU for NDX2 -

I went from NDX, 282, HCDR, 200 to 300 Non DR and then had the DR fitted - my speakers then were B&W 805N, which loved the extra control of the 300

IMO you have a lovely source with NDX2 - 282 combo, with the 606, I certainly would not look at SC or SCHR at this point, in saying that it does lft the 282 on to a whole new level

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Sadly, true - given the present Naim pricings.

But - remember - before DR came along, there was nothing wrong with it… :astonished:


With a supercap as thats where things are heading anyway but no rush.

I think I looked up that a hicap service was £250 and DR was £450. Total £700 and you have pretty much a brand new £1600 hicap? Could be old prices though?

Combined DR upgrade and service is now £1299. You can’t have the upgrade without the service. Probably cheaper to sell on and buy a new one which would have the full 5 year warranty.

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