Nap200 - servicing and leaving on

Hi all, should a NAP200 be left switched on all the time? And are there any “symptoms” of a power amp that needs servicing? Mine is 15 years old, has been switched on for most of that time, but has only had intermittent use in terms of playing music. Thanks.

Switched on is what most here will do however, I personally turn off my 250’s if I’m not listening for more than a day or so. I leave the rest of the system powered up 24/7 except when away for prolonged periods (a week or more).
I’m not sure about the 200 but the 250’s can start to sound rough around the edges / distorted and interference may be heard through the speakers, a little like frying bacon… (After 13 years or so mine did this)

I plan to have my 250’s serviced earlier next time!

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Thanks. I haven’t noticed any crackling, or obvious distortion, but it sounds a little shut in. Have recently moved house though, and apart from a rug and a sofa the room is bare and very fluttery … which could be causing all sorts of havoc! I will get it serviced anyway.

Just out of interest … how long does a power amp take to warm up? With kids and “life” my listening is often unscheduled, so I’m unlikely to get chance to turn the amp on well in advance.

I read this as apparently it does not have to be, and it makes no claim about longevity either way. So that’s a bit mysterious.

Worth noting that DR makes them more critical because the essentially two amps must be in very close sync and within a tighter spec.

Same response as you got elsewhere from myself and others. I’ll be shocked if others disagree here.

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@Suedkiez - Not sure if the two amps setup applies to the 200DR as well?

I tend to believe that components age more from heat cycles (cold-warm and vice versa) than from a more constant temperature i.e. leaving the amp/component on. I have no proof though.

After 15 years I think a service is well worth it btw.

That was the point I was trying to make. The 200 may be less sensitive to this, compared to the 250, precisely because it is not DR in the power amp

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I only switch my system off and unplug it when I go away, if I am away on holiday, or a local lightning storm.

Just having my NAP200 serviced. Will be back next week. Will let you know what I hear? :+1:

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Just had my 14 year old NAP200 serviced and worth every penny. I thought it sounded amazing, but now it’s even better. Much clearer. Cheapest Naim upgrade you can buy I think?


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