NAP200DR to drive Totem Forest or Forest Signature speakers

I currently use a NAP200DR to drive Totem Staff speakers. I’m considering upgrading to Forest or Forest Signature speakers. I assume the NAP200DR will have no trouble driving either of these, but just wondered if anyone has had experience with these combination?

Hi,personally cannot help there but according to a friend of mine I’m afraid but would be a no-no. He used to match them with very good results to a 250 and got superb sound only when he upgraded to a 300dr as they really devserve a lot upstream.
Maybe, I’m making an aducated guess ,you’d better improve upgrading your power amp now and get an improvement and be safer later. BTW I may ask him and report back

I ran Forest with a Uniti 2 for a bit. Do Forest like more power than that? Yes. Did the U2 power them and sound nice while I had that combo? Yes.

Looking at the specification of the Forrest/Signatures they don’t appear that they would be particularly difficult to drive, nice speakers.

I have been running Totem Forests with my SN2 with excellent results. Very musical speakers with good detail. Should be a great match for the 200, especially in a small room.

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I would suggest going for Forest Sigs over Forest. I got rid of mine because they could get a bit harsh sounding. Supposedly the Sigs have taken care of that and do not have the same harshness

I got my Totem Forests around 12 years ago with my first Naim system (CDX2, NAC202, NAP200). To my ears they sounded superior to the many others I auditioned at the time. The system did occasionally sound a bit harsh in those days but I think that was just the cd player/amp combination rather than the speakers. I’ve still got them, now with NDS, 555ps, 252, Supercap, 250DR etc, and they sound superb with no harshness at all. No plans to change them. Your NAP200 should certainly have no trouble driving them and they should last you many years and many upgrades.

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