NAP250 cable to connect with ARS9000


I am a NAIM Owner since more than 15Years.
now I Change my Music System. I believe not many People in this Forum use the nap250 like I do.

I mean the naim nap is driving my dj Equipment.

I use a ARS9000 high end mixer. the ARS9000 has XLR Right and lefft Output.
Pictures of this Equipment.

the nap 250 pnly one XLR connector.

can anyone tell me how I can connect this two Equipments ?

I want to get rid of my NAC140 + Hicap because the ARS9000 works perfect and I don`t want an aditional preamp between the NAP and ARS9000

best regards

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Hi Tobias, I presume your mixer has a balanced output. The 250 input is unbalanced, so simply connecting them together could be a bad idea.
I believe some people do have a workaround to make a balanced to unbalanced connection work, but this is generally an issue for people using recording equipment rather than home hifi, so this may not be the best place to find an answer.
If the mixer has an unbalanced RCA out, this would make like easier, as you can get a suitable RCA to XLR lead made up quite easily.

Looks like you’ll need to have a custom lead made up 2 x XLR balanced to a single stereo XLR single-ended (unbalanced).

Alternatively you could look out for one of the Pro amps that Naim have made - the NAB300 from back in the early '80s, or the more recent NAP250 Pro introduced about 13-14 years ago. Both accept pro-style balanced inputs and have extra circuitry so they’re not as finicky as the domestic amps over speaker cabling.

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looks like rca is the one to go with - right?

House Output

RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm/ XLR Balanced Impedance 50 Ohm

Booth Output

RCA Unbalanced Impedance 600 Ohm/ XLR Balanced Impedance 50 Ohm

Yes, I’ve just spotted the unbalanced RCA Phono outputs in the lower left hand corner. So those should be fine into the NAP250.

thanks for your help
I am curious to see how that sounds

I don’t know if Naim can supply a suitable RCA to XLR cable, but other suppliers can easily make one for you. You may need to tell them the correct pin connections on the XLR, as per the little picture on the back of the amp if they are not familiar with Naim amps.

just received my cable -
connected - but what happened is that only one speaker works.
the strange thing is left and right works - but if I connect both rca (left and right) only one speaker works. ???
so the nap250 blocks one chanel
any idea why this?

Possibly something for whoever made up the cables to answer?

Who made your cable? If it wasn’t Naim, was it someone who understands how Naim use the unbalanced XLR connections in a 250?

the cable is very basic
I wanted to do first a test whith a simple cable
thomann pro_snake

I think that’s for connecting to a balanced XLR input. What you want isn’t an off the self type of cable. You will need to get it made by someone who specialises in or is familiar with Naim-type cabling and connections.

is it really that complicated???
who could do that? I thought its better to test it with a smaller budget. I can imagine if someone is doing that for me its a bit expensive for a test…

It’s not complicated, just a natter of connecting the wires to the right pins. I don’t know if Naim can make you a cable, but if not, there are plenty of UK based cable suppliers who can do thus. Try Flashback, Chord, or WitchHat.

OK - I wrote to Chord
hope they can help
C-line quality shiould be fine

I think this is the one

I have one of these RCA-XLR cables somewhere, from many years ago when I connected my 250-2 to a UnitiQute. The Qute is long gone and the 250 has been upgraded to DR.

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