Nap250 to Atom

As per title, is it possible to use another NAP other than a NAP100 with Atom?

Considering a 250 to use with my Atom and eventually use the 250 to build another system.

I know the NAP100 is it’s natural partner, however.

You can use a 250. It will require a suitable RCA to XLR cable, which you may need to have made up.
Not sure I would recommend it as best use of funds for a long term solution, but if you need the 250 in a future separates system, why not.

You can use any of the NAPs.

That’s good to know.

I have an NAP200 connected to my Uniti Atom and I love the combination. The Atom is an excellent preamp/streamer. The cable I used to connect the two is from

A lot of people like the two (Atom and Nap :zzz: 200) it’s one of those things most people seem to agree on. Can’t see any point in a NAP 100:& Atom

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Glad to hear some good feedback, I think the Atom is really very good, much better sounding than the 172/200 I had a while back, which is why I think it deserves a decent power amp, it has great resolution, better that it deserves at the price.

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