NAP250 upgraded to DR identical to NAP250DR?

I’m looking for a used NAP250DR and got an offer on a 2012 NAP250 updated to DR and full serviced only 3 months ago.

  1. Would this update make it identical to a new 250DR?
  2. Can the value of a 2012 mint conditioned and serviced + updated to DR be estimated to be similar to say a 1 year old NAP250DR?

The price asked for is 2700 EUR.

A 2012 NAP250 that has been updated to DR spec should be just the same as a current NAP250DR.

Thanks Rickard.

And I’m correct in that I until I afford a 282 can use my SN2 as a preamp only and if so how do I connect them both?

You can. I assume you are not using a power supply on the Supernait 2, in which case just take signal from the Bi-amp DIN4 to the NAP250DR XLR.

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A one year old 250 dr i would presume would be worth more than a 2012 conversion on the second hand market. People will price with the serial numbers and compare to ex demo or newer second hand original dr amps. If its your final move, then really not an issue, but if you think you might upgrade, it might bring less value later?

I’m sure I’ll never find my final move I’m afraid :wink: So I need to consider selling it sooner or later. I’ve watched some 2015-16 go on Ebay for around same money so a DR’d and serviced 2012 might be a bit overpriced then even if it’s made just 3 months ago.

Thats where i came out on it…perhaps best wait for that original dr, or see what your dealer may have coming up for ex demo rotation this year.

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However, bear in mind that it would have been fully serviced at the same time as getting the DR upgrade. So if done 3 months ago, electrically it’s just like a 3 month old amp.


Yupp exactly and if looking at it like that then it is a good price to me :slight_smile:

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Hi Richard that is an interesting point you have made. My ND555 / 555PS DR is arriving soon. I presently have a 2006 model 555PS that has been upgraded to DR. Perhaps mistakenly, I thought it would be prudent to replace it with another new 555PS DR so both 555PS powering the ND555 were the same spec. And you have no doubt figured it out… it is a CD555PS as it came with my CD555. So would you suggest I purchase a second 555PS DR or should the old one be “electronically” the same??? Many thanks Paul

Paul, AFAIK a 555PS upgraded to DR spec is basically the same as a 555PS DR. I would have no qualms using them together on a CD555.

My nd555 has a cd555ps…it was a year or so old ex dem, i still think they are labelled as cd555ps. Either way, rather special…want another this year.

My hope is that one day, people will start to look beyond the serial numbers and look as to whether the item has FSH instead.


Some people already do :grinning:




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Full service history.


Using lookup on the IPAD browser offered follicle stimulating hormone as the meaning, I thought that was a bit harsh on our younger members. :grinning:


Can I connect the NAP250DR not using the biamp option? Im thinking that using the biamp option will leave the power amp section running in the SN2 and that it should benefit the preamp in SN2 to run without power amp in it being active. I should be able to disconnect the bridge connector and use preamp out?

You can only do this if you have a separate power supply such as a Hicap to power the Supernait pre section, otherwise the power amp section has to remain connected. The NAP250DR does not have an internal power supply for a pre-amp.

Ah I see. It’s a challenge understanding Naim setups :wink: I’ll run it in bypass mode till I get a NAC272 or NAC282 and can sell it.