NAP250DR - brain or brawn

Sorry if this has been asked before! I just want to know, in a 2 rack Fraim system – should a 250DR be part of brain or brawn rack. I suspect brain – but then again, it has huge xformer, so just wondered

many thanks

Generally speaking, transformers are brawn and head units are brains.


thanks. suppose it could go either as the 250 is a combination of head unit and its power supply in one box.


The transformer in the NAP250DR is HUGE! Definitely brawn…


Wot? Bigger than the one in the NAP500 head unit? :rofl:

Thanks Richard!!! Brawn it will be then…


They’re basically pretty much the same size Ken.

Richard, many thanks…:slight_smile:

So, the NAP250DR will NOT go where the NAP500 h/u is in the left rack. The space created by the 500PS will create a level for the 250 – probably above the 2 x 555PS DR in the bottom shelves of the brawn rack on the right.

Oh my, what fun!


Looks good Ken. Did you manage to move your 500 on ok?



I used to run my 250-2 in the brawn rack but when my 500 went in for DRing I couldn’t be bothered to rearrange the speaker cables so just replaced the head unit with the 250. Can’t say it caused too much havoc at the bottom of the brains.

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