NAP250DR or NAC282?

Hi, I’m wondering about adding one of these to my ND5-XS2/SN2/HC. The plan is to eventually replace the SN2 with both, but that needs to wait, probably until the warrenty on it has expired in a couple of years time. Likewise I want to keep the HD5XS2 until its warrenty expires.
Any opinions on which way to go now ? My speakers are B&W PM1s. I’m looking to buy secondhand so listening in advance isn’t an option sadly.

I would pick the 250 before the 282. The pre section of sn2 with hicap will feed the 250 well enough you’d be happy with that for a couple of years per your planned timeline.

Hmmm. I don’t think it’s easy. Is the SN2 struggling at all to control the speakers? If not, I’d actually suggest that the 282 would be miles ahead in performance with the SN2 as a power amp.

If it’s losing it’s grip though, the similarly powered but regulated 250dr would address that with most speakers.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the preamp in Naim hierarchy.


I had a SN2 with hicap DR

I bought a new 250DR and fitted to the SN2. The music had more punch and was slightly better.

I was happy and looking out for a 282, waiting for the right deal. A great priced 252 came up so I bought it. Woah the jump in sound was a real surprise. So much more separation,clear bass and clarity.

Sorry I can’t tell you if there’s much of any difference between a 282 and 252, just my thoughts.

Personally, if the SN2 drives the speakers ok I would upgrade the pre amp if I was going to do the power amp later. If not I would stick with the SN2 and enjoy the music

I wouldn’t add a 282 or a 250 at this point, rather I’d improve the source. Swapping ND5XS2 for an NDX2 would work, or adding a dac to the existing player, such as an nDac or something from Chord.


Thanks for the replies. Maybe gravitating a bit towards the 282 over the 250.

  • The SN2 drives the speakers fine, maybe loses some tightness at high volumes, but I rarely crank it up so that’s not an issue really.
  • I’ve got a Chord Qutest which I prefer over the ND5-XS2 DAC, although it’s close. I did listen to a NDX2 when I bought the ND5-XS2, and although it was better I didn’t think it merited the extra cost. With hindsight that was maybe a mistake, but it’s where I am until the warrenty on the ND5-XS2 runs out (just feels wrong to sell it so quickly).

It was getting the HiCap that’s led to this. I was very happy with the ND5-XS2 and SN2, but adding the HiCap made a huge difference, and now I’m thinking, mmm…

HicapDR is a good uplift
As you go further up the cost v upgrade follows the law of diminishing returns.

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I would go for the 282 with the speakers you are using if you don’t want to do anything with the source. The 282 is miles better than the Supernait2, even with the addition of a HicapDR.
Bare in mind the 282 needs a minimum of one HiCap to function.


282 first with SN, would be my choice. 250 later.

Thanks for the opinions, definitely moving to thinking pre amp first.

How often is it recommended to service the NAC282, ie depending on the age of ones I see should I factor in the cost of a service ?

About 10 years.

BTW, what’s with the avatar?

Something I’m missing at the moment

Naim recommend 12-15 years between service on black boxes.

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I’m with HH on this, you may not have felt that an NDX2 was worthwhile with your current system, but as you improve the amp, the need for a source of commensurate quality will make all the difference. With a 282/250 I would regard a bare NDX2 as the minimum, or perhaps a DAC upgrade and keep the ND5.

Keep your eyes open, and buy what comes up first at a good price?!

I’m starting to think that, but I can’t justify upgrading the ND5-XS2 so soon after buying it! What DACs might be worth considering ? The Qutest is better for me than the native output, but not by much (with existing setup of course)

Seem to be many more NAPs than NACs

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