NAP250DR with SN2

Throwing this out there for advice and feedback please.

Is there any mileage on using a 250DR with SN2? Is this going to be ‘better’ than using the power amp stage built into the SN2?

Potentially, yes.

However it depends on speakers and whether you find it worth it.
A HiCapDR is usually considered a more beneficial upgrade.

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Still evaluating some new speakers; my local NAIM AD is coming round tomorrow with some for us to listen to. I wondered about a HiCapDR but two things were putting me off: I’d heard on other forums that since the SN2DR already has the DR power supply then a separate PSU would probably only make a VERY slight difference. The other reason was my eventual aim is go for a full pre/power amp setup so I could use the 250DR with the SN2 and, when money permits, move the SN2 along and go for a matching pre-amp. So going for the 250DR is on the ladder towards that target.

Hi Steve , I added a 250DR to my SN2 which admittedly was a stop gap on a planned route to dedicated Pre which never materialised . For me using PMC Twenty 23 speakers at the time it was very beneficial which actually led to upgrading my speakers … I’m not sure how the amps configure ( Stephen Hopkins told me at the time ) but they connect via the bi-amp socket on the SN2 . I lived with this system very happily for quite some time until I changed to the Active system I use today .

I think there is a review somewhere by Andrew Everard of these parts reviewing the SN2/250DR very favourably .

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I use a Supernait2 and a little while ago added the HiCap Dr after auditioning several scenarios and it’s a big upgrade in my opinion and audible in the first 30sec unlike some. Agreed some don’t like what it brings but it certainly brings. You will need to audition for yourself. Adding a HiCap Dr certainly opens you up to pre/power when you want to as it’s needed with a 282. So unless your plans are skipping that and going 252 or 552 it’s where I would go if your speakers are not overly demanding.

Thanks… it looks like the HiCAP is simply an alternative route to the same destination. Start putting the pennies into a HiCAP piggy bank :slight_smile:

I have no experience on external power amp with SN2 but can confirm that HiCap or any other external PSU will benefit it greatly. PMC 25.23 aren’t that difficult to drive and will work just fine even with bare SN2 but added PSU takes the sound clearly further.

The AD came round yesterday pm and we were playing round for 3 hours listening and tweaking. The main purpose was to trial some RAM30 speakers which, btw, are fantastic! The AD is of the opinion getting the speakers right is top priority because the listening room is quite demanding so the greatest gains will be in a pair of speakers that can cope (bright furnishings, no curtains, laminate/suspended floor). Get the speakers right and then we can move on. Once we changed to the RAM30s there was a BIG improvement so we then set about doing some tweaks which essentially meant restoring the Naim mains leads and interconnect! We also fitted some TQ Silver cable. With these changes there was another small but discernible improvement - when even SWMBO says she can hear an improvement then that’s saying something. So the plan is get the speakers out of the way and spend a few weeks getting to know the new sound. Then see about taking a hicap on loan.

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