So a NAP250DR just where would you put it given my two separate systems…

Either adding it between my Superuniti BT and a very late pair of AE1 reference classics, or

Adding it after my SN2 (fed by an ND5XS) into bespoke re-built Ditton 44’s which could in turn be swapped out with a pair of S400 Ovators (although I very much doubt they’d better the rebuilt '44’s)

Oddly when I brought the S400’s the chap I got them off demonstrated them using a Nac272 and a Nap250DR. The Ovators sounded amazing…way more so than just being powered by my Supernait 2.

More odd considering both the 250DR and the SN2 share the same power output of 80w Channel (even the Superuniti BT musters 80w Ch too).

Question is was it the Nap making the difference or the Nac and why?? Would adding a Nap 250DR make any difference or would I simply be wasting my hard earned cash??

So any thoughts guys??

Just thought I’d throw it out there for discussion :+1:

And before anyone suggests it, adding a NAP300DR is out of budget, so just don’t go there.


I suggest it may be a better investment to improve the source on the SN2, as it will still have a lot more to give.


Was he using a 555DR psu on the 272?

That would make the speakers sound better.

Like Mike_S says, the SN2 is a very capable unit. Improving the source, the connection cable (Hi-line), and adding a HiCap, would make a great system.
I run an NDS thru my SN2, and no plans to change the amplification.


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Hi guys, no it was a bare 272 into the 250 into the S400’s.

I’ve heard someone mention (in a response to a thread on here) that he heard a Superuniti dem’d with some S400’s and that combo sounded great. Unfortunately my one I use in in the bedroom which although it’s a decent sized room there’s no way on earth my better half would approve of giant speakers in there, thus the dinky AE1’s (which are superb by the way).

So Dave, you mentioned an improvement over the connection (between the ND5XS and the SN2). So a Hi-line!? Is that a straight swap for the regular snaic??

I’m always a bit sceptical about cables and their sonic benefits. If something was clearly night and day in its effect that’s fine but if it’s so marginal that one has to listen incredibly hard to notice then I hardly see the point. Always difficult to quantify improvement especially as one moves up the chain (when we come back to the law of diminishing returns).

Cheers. Gaz

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Don’t be fooled by the power output specs. The 250 is a much more accomplished power amp than the one in the Supernait, which in turn is, as I’m sure you already know, better than the amp in the SU. The 250DR is a regulated amp, and has DR spec which the Supernait power amp lacks. Putting the power amp in its own box, isolating it from the delicate preamp circuits, also helps.
Whichever system you decide to use it in, just remember that you are creeping towards mullet territory, and either system will then benefit greatly from a source upgrade.

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I wouldn’t add a 250DR to either a SuperUniti or a SN2 really. I’d suggest it’s time for a rethink. Which system do you use most? Why have Ovators and the 44s? Is it better to have one really good system than two middling ones? For example, if the bedroom system is less used, keep it simple with the SU and small speakers. Then you can focus on the main one. As suggested above, you really need to balance the system. An NDX2, 282 and 250 would be excellent and you already have the Hicap. For less money, a used 272 and the 250 may also float your boat, especially with an XPSDR or better.



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Hi Gaz. I, likewise, am skeptical of high-end cables and their cost-to-SQ ratio.
I was able to test the waters with an Ebay purchase of the Hi-line for $375 cad, when they list for $1500 cad here. A no-brainer.
And it actually made a considerable difference to the SQ, in a positive way. The sound opened up more, with a little more detail, and air between the instruments. Voices were slightly more realistic.
I had initially bought it with the thought of moving it on if it wasn’t great, but even my wife told me to keep it.
However, I wouldn’t have done it for the $1500 at this point. But later on, maybe. (probably).


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Added a 250DR to my SN2 and hicapDR.

Put a half decent din-xlr lead in.

Was quite a noticeable upgrade with my 606s.
better to my ears

Was going to add a 282 but very happy just listening to the music for now


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