NAP300/300PS non-dr

My stuffs

CDX2/Hi-line/252/supercap dr/nap300/300ps non-dr (2013)/ super lumina/ ProAc K1

I am happy with current set up, no complaint at all.

Whilst I am checking with my dealer about the recap needs or to transform my 300ps to Dr, my dealer induces me with a 300/300dr (2020) demo piece which is pretty much the same to resell my current piece plus the fee to convert it to dr.

My question, worth to spend the money to convert my 300 ps non-dr to dr counting it’s healthy at the moment? I am not sure if it’ll change current sound stage etc…

If yes, good to trade in a 2020 dr version instead?

Would love to hear from you guys although I have my answer in mind.


Though I don’t have experience with either, yet, I suspect that getting a 7 year newer model “for free” can’t be a bad thing. For sonic pros and cons I look forward to the input from more experienced forum members.


I haven’t heard the comparison myself, but my dealer was strongly of the view to not mix DR and non DR components at this level. I’d grab the offer of the newer 300 DR if it’s cost neutral.

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I was under the impression that servicing and DR upgrades was effectively making your unit as good as a brand new unit?


Wise man think alike

Although the so called free = resell plus upgrade fee Vs price of the demo !

Ha ha

That is why I am heading for the upgrade

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I am comparing somewhat a refurbished one against a newly produced model !

Yet both under warranty of 2 years here

A service will never make a unit completely new and with the demo one there should be the bonus of being back in warranty should anything go wrong.

I’m not sure what warranty give post service / DR upgrade.

Crossed with my earlier reply mate !

Would expect if insider of Naim could comment as well.

I upgraded my non 300 to a DR one under similar circumstances to you. It’s a while ago and I don’t remember what improvements the DR upgrade gave but I do remember being pleased with it and I’ve still got the 300 now.

Upgrade does seem the right option for you as per the other comments on this thread.

With a 252/300 you really want a better source than a bare CDX2. You are not getting the benefits of your amplification and the 300DR will show it up even more.


Excuse me
Does or doesn’t mate ?

I am a bit wishy washy


Just waiting for XPS dr as just disposed my XPS 191xxx which is not an easy task earlier !

That’s good then. It may be wise to go for the 555PS and then possibly move to streaming. If you are fixed on CDs you could look for a CD555. Or, of course, get a really nice player from a company that still makes them.

That’s definitely the upgrade path counting of an unlimited pool readily upfront :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Instead a new XPSdr is my short term goal however, I am thinking of servicing my 300 to cope with the new pair of 252/supercap hence the question !!

If it were me I’d be upping the source first. But of your two options, if upgrading your existing unit costs the same as selling it and buying a brand new one, the second option is obviously the one to go for. I’m assuming you have a really good stand for it all, and ideally dedicated mains.

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I had my 300 DR’d. It took an age (4 mths) as Naim suffer with supply shortages, but it came back as a new unit. If the 2020 unit is about the same cost as getting yours DR’d then get the new unit.

Hand to mouth mate !

Thx mate

I’ll definitely think it over


when I purchased my 300 non DR is was with my then 282/HCDR into B&W 805N - my sources then were LP12 and NDX

really liked what the 300 Non DR offered in terms of focus, drive and musicality, when I had the DR fitted in Feb 2018 straight of the box I thought - what I have I done , however when settled and run in the musical ability of the 300Dr is a joy - I am never going to be able to move up to 500 but for me the 300DR is just perfect

upgraded pre with 282 to SC and now 252 which with the 252 is a lovely combo

on source - My LP12 is my main source and is at Klimax level - NDX (2014) with Titan lead and ChordARRAY in 252 is lovely - and I don’t really play enough FLAC to justify NDX2 - which may well come at some point

but a clear yes for me 300 Non DR is lovely but to me the 300DR is superb!

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