NAP300 failure

Hello NAIM lovers,

Two days back my NAP300 amplifier completely died, no power, it does not power on at all. Has anyone encountered an amplifier breakdown? Am going to take it to the NAIM shop so that they can have a look, but wondering if anyone has faced such an issue, if yes, what can be the reason and which part has actually failed?

It is rather strange to me, I have been using NAIM equipment for around 12 years and this is the first time something like this has happend to me. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it is a small issue and not a major issue.


you sure the internal fuse isn’t just blown?

They are easily checked and easily replaced.

Hello feeling_zen, fuse is not the problem since i tried swapping with another cable. Also checked the MCB, that is fine too.

It’s the fuse in the Nap 300 that @feeling_zen is referring to.

From memory it’s beside where the power chord attaches to the 300PS.


And adding to the above, there is a spare fuse in the fuse holder too…

Indeed and it’s best not to gingerly turn on the NAP300 again rather do a swift full force push to switch on.


Just prise open the little oblong next to the mains socket and you’ll find the fuse inside. Replace with the spare, using the same direction. It is blows again it’s worth getting your mains checked.

And make sure the IEC plug is fully pushed in particularly if you use Powerline cable as not doing so will blow the fuse in all probability.


Thanks for your input guys, the mighty 300 is back to life.

Changed the fuse that I had no idea was there, it took merely 5 minutes.

Cheers lads.


Same happened to me. I replaced the fuse with the spare and now all working fine.

I also moved the 300PS to a lower shelf on the ‘brawn’ rack as the Powerline was straining slightly when it was on the top shelf.

Make sure you order another fuse from your dealer, just in case. I’m so pleased it’s working again.


You need to contact your dealer to get hold of a new fuse - they are special. Phil

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The 300 and it’s power supply are on the bottom shelf. Here a pic.

Sequence is:



That 300 needs its own shelf.


I wondered who would be first to say that… :roll_eyes:


Looks like your 282 is on top not your NDX (which is OK) but your 300PS looks like it’s sitting on top of your 300 amp? Ideally they should be kept well apart.

Ideally, put the boxes with the bigger transformers on the bottom. I’d go for NDX, 282, 300amp, SCDR, then 300PS.

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These Sopra 2 sound good in mine. Wouldn’t mind yours though.

does it sounds a bit bright, i wonder ? because no absorbing materials like a carpet or else.
Looks great !

Just traded in my Sopra 2 with the Scala Evo III, they do sound amazing and for me, it was a huge upgrade from the Sopra 2 which i thoroughly enjoyed for two and a half years.

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